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Edit 4th December 2022: Won the 7th round of World Championship 🏆 of Game 🎮 Development.

Hello all,

I’m Aditya. Today, I want to announce that we successfully qualified for the 2nd round of GDWC 2022 or Game Development World Championship 2022. That’s why I made this post as an audio post, so you may listen and celebrate this moment with me while reading!

Now, it’s time to think big and better for the future. Today’s a great day and today is also the anniversary of ‘theasiak’ my first website launched in 2018, so I’m announcing the future plans I’m considering implementing in the COGNAC game below.
The development of the cognac game isn’t just the development of a game, it is a development of a whole new era of the gaming industry in India.

Future Plans for Cognac
1. 60fps gameplay on integrated APUs.
2. Photo scans will be taken from real local world data.
3. The game will be migrated to the newest APIs and Encoders and Engine, i.e. we are moving to use UE5 for our beta release.
4. The game will have dreamlands & unbelievably realistic maps.
5. Nanite, Lumen & RTX is also getting ready for getting implemented also AMD FSR will be implemented.

Passed 2 rounds of World Championship of Game Development Today is 21st April 2022.

I’ll resume work post completion of my 12th board examinations.

Would like to see your comments below, reply what you think of Cognac!
Also, I attached a small teaser I made of Cognac below, you can enjoy seeing it.

YouTube video

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