Clojure 1.11 is now readily on the market

22 March 2022
Alex Miller

Clojure 1.11 offers new syntax for key phrase argument invocation, namespace aliasing without loading, a brand new clojure.math namespace, and a number of additional bug fixes and enhancements.

Keyword arguments are optionally on the market trailing variadic arguments of the ranking (f akey aval bkey bval …​). Invoking functions with key phrase arguments is convenient for folks to write, nonetheless key phrase args will not be collections so they’re bright to waft between functions. In Clojure 1.11, functions taking key phrase arguments can now be passed a trailing blueprint somewhat than or as well to and following the main/mark pairs. When a lone blueprint is passed, it is ancient for destructuring, else the trailing blueprint is added to the main/mark pair blueprint by conj. This switch makes key phrase arg functions extra convenient for programmatic use.

Spec (and other libs) rely on tremendous keywords as spec names. Namespace aliasing in ns makes long names shorter nonetheless required namespaces to exist and be loaded. In Clojure 1.11, require adds a brand new option :as-alias, which is like :as nonetheless would not require the namespace to exist or load.

The JDK kit java.lang.Math offers gain entry to to many precious math functions. Clojure beforehand relied on the utilization of these thru interop, nonetheless this had factors with discoverability, well-liked performance, higher account for software program, and portability. The new clojure.math namespace offers wrapper functions for the methods readily on the market in java.lang.Math for long and double overloads with instant well-liked invocation.

Detailed changelog

Explore the switch log for an total checklist of all changes in Clojure 1.11.0.


Thanks to the full neighborhood members who contributed patches to Clojure 1.11:

  • Alexander Yakushev

  • Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant

  • Arne Brasseur

  • Ghadi Shayban

  • Howard Lewis Ship

  • Hugo Duncan

  • Jonathan Johnston

  • Keyhan Vakil

  • Marc O’Morain

  • Michiel Borkent

  • Nikita Prokopov

  • Paula Gearon

  • Steve Miner

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