Claws Mail 3.19.0 / 4.1.0 launched

3rd April 2022 Claws Mail 3.19.0 / 4.1.0 CLAWS MAIL RELEASE NOTES Claws Mail is a GTK+ based, user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client. New in this release: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Text zooming in the Message View is now possible, using CTRL+mouse wheel up/down, CRTL+touchpad two-fingered vertical swiping, or the Message View’s right-click menu. *…

Claws Mail 3.19.0 / 4.1.0 launched
Third April 2022                              Claws Mail 3.19.0 / 4.1.0


Claws Mail is a GTK+ essentially based totally mostly, particular person-edifying, light-weight, and quick
electronic mail client.

Contemporary on this open:

Textual whisper material zooming in the Message Look for is now doubtless, utilizing CTRL+mouse
  wheel up/down, CRTL+touchpad two-fingered vertical swiping, or
  the Message Look for's appropriate-click menu.

GtkColorChooser is now ragged in the Spell Checking preferences,
  Color Be aware preferences, and the folder Properties pages.

'Default From:' has been added to the Assemble page of the folder
  Properties. This permits setting an electronic mail tackle that can also simply
  override the Epic's electronic mail tackle.

An option has been added to the 'Primary' page of the folder
  Properties, 'Skip folder when procuring for unread or fresh
  messages', so that the folder might perchance presumably perchance even be skipped when utilizing Pace To
  next/outdated unread/fresh message.

'By Sender' has been added to '/Instruments/Produce filtering rule/...'
  and '/Instruments/Produce processing rule/...'

The option 'Speed processing principles earlier than marking all messages in a
  folder as learn or unread' has been added to

It is now doubtless to add a toolbar button to 'Speed folder
  processing principles'.

The Actions configuration list now has 'High' and 'Bottom' buttons.

In '/Instruments/Record URLs' it is now doubtless to CTRL+c or appropriate-click
  a list item and 'Reproduction URL'; copying multiple picks is also
  Phishing URLs are now indicated in red by default. This uses the
  coloration defined in the hidden desire, log_error_color.

The blueprint of handling Tags has been improved.

When utilizing the separate Message Look for the Enter key will birth the
  currently selected message in the Message Record. So, for instance,
  whereas you happen to delete the fresh message, pressing Enter will birth the
  next message and not utilizing a need to head away the separate Message Look for.

The quicksearch kind-ahead keypress prolong is now customizable
  utilizing a hidden desire ("qs_press_timeout").

Enhancements to the storage of OAuth2 refresh tokens.

A "Look for all" button has been added to the Themes preferences page
  in issue to preview all icons of a theme.

The term 'grasp passphrase' has been replaced in the UI with
  'main passphrase'.

The mark 'SSL/TLS' has been replaced with 'TLS' in the UI.

chmod 0600 is jam on log recordsdata, history recordsdata, saved parts, and tons others.

"Key phrase Warner" plugin has been added. This reveals a warning when
  sending or queueing a message and a reference to one or more
  particular person-defined key phrases are stumbled on in the message textual whisper material.

Including a fresh RSSyl feed or subscribing to a Webcal will
  routinely counsel utilizing any upright URI stumbled on on the

The actual person manuals possess been up to this point.

Up to this point translations: Brazilian Portuguese, British English,
  Catalan, Czech, French, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Russian,
  Slovak, Spanish, Turkish.

worm fixes:
	o worm 4312, 'litehtml plugin loops (hangup)'
	o worm 4346, 'Error: Certificates is for invalid2.invalid, nonetheless
		     connection is to'
	o worm 4442, 'vcalendar segfault if in invitation electronic mail and
		     switch to any other folder'
	o worm 4495, 'Toughen textual whisper material strings for OAuth2'
	o worm 4496, 'Fancy crashes when opening an electronic mail'
	o worm 4511, 'Uses deprecated ghostscript operator'
	o worm 4513, 'msg window too minute in 3 column format'
	o worm 4517, 'Thread safety points in signature checking code'
	o worm 4524, 'Complications exiting/closing Claws Mail'
	o worm 4534, 'Tackle e book causing claws to terminate
	o worm 4535, 'Atmosphere msgview_date_format=1 would not work'
	o worm 4536, 'Tab for tackle selects second entry'
	o worm 4556, 'Filesize in kilobytes versus kibibytes'
	o worm 4577, 'Fancy plugin with GTK3 appears to forget whisper material
	o when utilizing 'hide_timezone' utilize UTC when producing
	o non-translation of some button labels
	o the preliminary set up of the (X-)Face image
	o return receipts from accounts with out a name
	o folderview pixmaps not being up to this point after icon theme
	  switch till restart
	o spell checker underlining when dim is chosen
	o textual whisper material on varied buttons
	o scrolling in a message's attachments bar (scrolling left or
	  appropriate possess been scrolling down).
	o scrolling not working when GTK mushy scroll is jam
	o scroll to next/prev page in pdf_viewer
	o kind error with -Werror=format-safety
	o invalid crypto engine (gpgme_op_verify failed)
	o vCalendar tooltip in Day Look for showed the cross month.
	o Look for Log button
	o when closing Assemble window dialogue asking for various from
	  particular person will not be shown and some alternatives are lost in drafted copy
	o though-provoking good judgment with the 'Edit filter circulate' dialog
	o resource leaks; memory corruption

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