Cheat Engine contains GPL-licensed code but disallows commercial use

Cheat Engine contains GPL-licensed code but disallows commercial use

This is one glamorous add-on!

Tcc is distributed under the lgpl . It’s library sourcecode is available and under the lgpl, the rest of the repository is not

See this #60

There are some files under GPL.

Additionally GPL comply with your agreements (in practice):

You may mod games with CE but not distribute games moded with it – GPL requires redistributing source code. Any redistribution of the game may be illegal.

You are using some GPL’ed software.

Now, i’m only say “Please change license to GPL”, but I can contact with FSF or other copyright owners of the software you use.

I don’t want to do that, because they can be agressive (in legal meaning).

GPL makes that CE will be more available and you won’t be liable for any illegal use.

DON’T PROTECT BIG CORPORATIONS (game developers). They have a lot of lawyers. They will ignore you.

In practice, users that use your software for illegal use, break law. Why you want to stop them with your license.

If someone break the law (breaking DRM etc.), that person will violate your copyrights too. Your license won’t stop it.

For pirates license is nonsense and they will break it.

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