HDD speeds are a lie to us!

Higher revolutions each moment address a quicker hard drive, yet the pace of media move is similarly as significant for information as stockpiling arrangements. Among all, IBM gets the credit for imagining the idea of the hard disk drive (HDD) over 50 years prior. In those days, HDD innovation included clothes washer machine size with... Read more

Unhackable internet – MIT

Not long from now, Dutch specialists will finish a quantum web among Delft and the Hague. A web dependent on quantum material science will before long empower naturally secure correspondence. A group drove by Stephanie Wehner, at Delft University of Technology, is building an organization associating four urban communities in the Netherlands completely by methods... Read more

How to type an Arrow on windows OS? 220+ Arrows Unicode

How to type an Arrow in Word or in Excel by using it's Unicode value? First type the Unicode Hex value of the arrow symbol to where you want it, and select the value by cursor, then press and hold down the alt key down, and pres x. For example to type an arrow down in Word;... Read more

WhiteHat Hacking With Kali Linux – Pt.2

This post has been requested by more than 40 times for a part two on my recent article by more than 500+ people discussing about: How To Hack wifi WPA2-PSK using KALI LINUX. - https://go.shr.lc/33m0JUm So, i have written a part two of that article for all with the basic introduction about kali linux. And... Read more

Why Are Processors always Quadrilateral?

Cpu Chips- are made using wafers which are square at the time of manufacturing. Wafer cannot be cut easily as it looks,because the base silicon is too hard and the circuit is very gentle, so somehow while manufacturing it has to be broken, therefore in straight lines wafers can be seperated easily.


It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Its many potential applications include correcting genetic defects, treating and preventing the spread of diseases and improving crops. However, its promise also raises ethical concerns. More…

“Is blockchain the future of the music industry?”-By:Tony

image credit: Medium A lot has been said about the Blockchain technology since it was first defined by mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto less than ten years ago. It has evolved since then and now seems to be finding its first real applications. In one of my articles on the latest law jobs site, I defined blockchain... Read more