DONUT in c++

  Notes :  I used: i686-w64-mingw32-gcc donut.c -lm to make an .exe output.any idears? Edit:I tried: i686-w64-mingw32-gcc donut.c && ./a.exe and th donut spins, but verry slow and i can now output an .exe Edit 2: When I start te standalone exe it just prints a lot of donuts. Bute when it is started in a termenial (cmd/powershell) it... Read more

CPU’s Look similar no matter how many cores they have, Why?

Have you ever wondered why all CPU's almost measured the same size, we know they have different sockets but all almost look the same size except some heavy ones, as AMD's THREADRIPPERS and Intel's Xeons. Simulating a comparison- We all have seen these processors before, for demonstrations let's focus on these identical processors in terms... Read more

How To Buy That Perfect PC For Yourself?

I got to think about this topic when I was talking to one of my friends, we both got into which pc he's gonna buy after his 12th, so I got to know that there's some misconception out there about which laptop or Desktop should a student buy and which will suit which purpose? De-Fragmentation... Read more

Why Are Processors always Quadrilateral?

Cpu Chips- are made using wafers which are square at the time of manufacturing. Wafer cannot be cut easily as it looks,because the base silicon is too hard and the circuit is very gentle, so somehow while manufacturing it has to be broken, therefore in straight lines wafers can be seperated easily.

How Video Games Has Changed Our Lives.

It’s the year 2018; we are at an age where technology is a society constant. Life at this juncture is practically unimaginable without the technology we enjoy today. In particular, life would not be as it were if not for video games. While, yes, one may think that video games don’t seem as important as telecommunications, and social media, and all the modern day conveniences we need to live an optimal life, we neglect to think about just how much video games influence, shape, and impact our culture, history, and way of life.

Speed Up Internet Using CMD (Command Prompt)

article by: source  To speed up the internet using cmd, we have come up with some Windows tweaks. Some of these tweaks and tricks include playing with DNS cache, pinging to the default gateway and using ‘netsh int tcp’ command along with different attributes to increase the internet speed We often encounter problems with the... Read more

How To Hack wifi WPA2-PSK using KALI LINUX.

Recently i had learn how to crack Wifi (WPA2-PSK) from Kali Linux,thought to share with you guys,this is just manipulation of some commands using kali linux terminal. > First what is Wifi (WPA2-PSK) & (WEP) WPA stand for Wi-Fi Protected Access WEP stand for wired Equivalent Privacy Step 1: Kali Linux Commands List The first step is to verify the router... Read more

[KNOWASIAK™ Hackstarters]:Hack any server or client computer which is connected on LAN,MAN or WAN to yours.

If you are working in Office / Colleges and want to hack your friends & college mate PC then here is a trick. What do we need? Windows Os Cain And Abel Step 1:- Finding the target So first off we need to find a computer or the computer to hack into. So if you are... Read more

Sniffling and creating artificial speed reducing packets and passwords of the lan using Cain and Abel tool.

Hello guys today i am going to tell you about how to hack victim password  if he is connected on same network.

Here I will show you that how simple HTTP and FTP passwords can be sniffed across LAN network. Just follow the steps and you are done.

First install the tool Cain And Able from here.

[KNOWASIAK™ Hackstarters]:How to Create Fake File in Window PC in Any Size and Any Format.

In Windows PC, there are many commands and Hidden features that we don’t know. In this post, I tell you How can you make a fake file of any size in any format. From this Windows Trick, you can make fake music file, documents file, movie file, audio file in any size whatever you want.