Knowasiak in London!

London – Getting it uncovered.

London is an astounding spot to visit with its numerous attractions and shops abundantly. A huge number of individuals from around the globe visit London every year to perceive what it has to bring to the table. There are numerous reasons why London is a particularly costly spot to live or visit. It presently comes... Read more

5 Main Reasons Why It Rocks To Be an Entrepreneur! Knowasiak

5 Main Reasons Why It Rocks To Be an Entrepreneur!

It's always everybody's wish to do their work and leave it by their own defined time, that's the most flexible and available thing to any big entrepreneur out there. You can just enjoy any thing in the world, if you have million of dollars, right? No but it's not true for everyone. Some entrepreneurs have... Read more

knowasiak how dubai went from zero to hero?

How Dubai went from Zero to Hero? Amazing things to mention.

Have you ever listened about some lists that, How Some economies around the world came from bottom to top in just few decades but i really like how Dubai came from just a bottom poor economy to one of the world's top growing economy in the world? Dubai has achieved such great heights not only... Read more

Knowasiak Futuristic City

The Boring Company 3D tunnel, LA

Are you ever stuck in traffic? and going from home to office or to school feels like a prize? xD That feeling when you are stuck in traffic is the most soul-destroying thing ever, because it takes time from your life for just doing nothin' at all. This wasted time, collecting all is very huge... Read more

How Many People In The World Use Mug And Bucket for Bathing? And Some Facts About Sanitation!

While Bathing today in the morning, a random thought came into my mind, that like me, how many people does use Shower or else Mug and Bucket for Bathing in the world? So now, I have gathered some bathing statistics, that is, how people around the globe bath? Atleast i tried this only, but can't... Read more

India will have fully functional UNDERWATER TRAIN by 2021

The East-West Metro project, connecting the twin cities Kolkata and Howrah is being constructed by Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC), which launched India's fist metro project in 1984 with a North-South service. The tunnel of the train is protected from water leaks by upto 3 layered tunnel, it also has pressure control and other many... Read more