Designing Your Very Own Lethal Power HIGH VOLTAGE Driver By Yourself. [For Tesla Coils and other EXPERIMENTS]

For designing a weapon like a stun gun or a high voltage driven object you must be sure that its ….

Two Men Arrested For Trying To Build An X-Ray Lethal Power Gun

article via: source Crawford was arrested Tuesday, after a sting operation by FBI agents in which they provided Crawford and his co-conspirator, engineer Eric J. Feight, with an nonfunctioning X-ray machine. This begs the question: Could an actual weapon be made from a working X-ray machine? X-rays are best known for taking pictures of the insides... Read more

Types Of Lasers In The World And Their Applications.

What is a laser? LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a device which produces highly directional light. It emits light through a process called stimulated emission of radiation which increases the intensity of light. A laser is different from conventional light sources in four ways: coherence, directionality, monochromacity,... Read more

Mini Stun Gun: My cheap DIY high voltage box

I used to have a cheap 15 kV stun gun that I used for high voltage experiments and low energy XRays. Unfortunately I broke it trying to take it apart, so I’ve been without a small supply for awhile (the big 20,000 and 35,000 Volt ones are little large and dangerous for some of the experiments I do). Today I decided to put together a new one using an Ebay high voltage module I had lying around, and share it here.