The unreasonable effectiveness of f-strings and re.verbose

… in which we look at one or two ways to make life easier when working with Python regular expressions. tl;dr: You can compose verbose regular expressions using f‍-‍strings. Here’s a real-world example – instead of this: pattern = r”((?:(s*)?[A-Z]*Hd+[a-z]*(?:s*+s*[A-Z]*Hd+[a-z]*)*(?:s*[):+])?)(.*?)(?=(?:(s*)?[A-Z]*Hd+[a-z]*(?:s*+s*[A-Z]*Hd+[a-z]*)*(?:s*[):+])?(?![^ws])|$)” … do this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12…

Supercharging GitHub Actions with Job Summaries

The same familiar functionality that powers pull requests, issues, and README files has come to GitHub Actions! We’re thrilled to announce GitHub Actions Job Summaries, which allow for custom Markdown content on the run summary generated by each job. Custom Markdown content can be used for a variety of creative purposes, such as: Aggregating and…

We asked 100 humans to draw the DALL·E prompts

Quick: which one of these was generated by a human, and which by an AI? Human or AI? Human or AI?What about now? Basquiat or BasquiAI? DALL·E or Dalí?(Answer: AI, human, human, AI.) OpenAI’s DALL·E image generation system is wild. Imagine a future where every homemade bedtime story can be turned into an IMAX-quality cartoon… At…

Stripe Financial Connections

This is another beautiful item!! Stripe Financial Connections lets your users securely share their financial data so you can streamline payments, reduce fraud, underwrite risk, build new products, and more. Integrate once to retrieve financial data and use it to move money or build financial products through Stripe's interoperable APIs. 9:41 Investments CHF52,024.42 CHF6,874.72 (9.23%)... Read more

Cognac – Shooting game, is working on photorealism & features.

Cognac game is a multiplayer, shooting, metaverse game. It has many game modes, PvP, TDM, Deathmatches and 4v4 matches. The game incorporates realistic environments & gameplay feels close to real life, the maps are designed by taking references and inspiration from monuments, abstract thoughts, abandoned areas and old areas. The game also features a mix... Read more

Good genes are nice, but joy is better (2017)

I adore constituents, because they are the astonishing. Harvard study, almost 80 years old, has proved that embracing community helps us live longer, and be happier By Liz Mineo Harvard Staff Writer DateApril 11, 2017November 26, 2018 Second in an occasional series on how Harvard researchers are tackling the problematic issues of aging. When scientists... Read more

Web color is still broken

I adore components, because they are the astonishing. 7 years after Computer Color is Broken, the web is still doing color wrong. Correct color mixing Correctly rendered gradients between primary colors Physically correct color gradients (as you would get, for example, along an out of focus edge between colors) are equally bright around the midpoint,... Read more

COGNAC – Metaverse Game, Qualified 2nd Round of World Championship.

Hello all, I'm Aditya. Today, I want to announce that we successfully qualified for the 2nd round of GDWC 2022 or Game Development World Championship 2022. That's why I made this post as an audio post, so you may listen and celebrate this moment with me while reading! Now, it's time to think big and... Read more

Fresh(ish) disclose line tools

Hello! Today I asked on twitter about newer command line tools, like ripgrep and fd and fzf and exa and bat. I got a bunch of replies with tools I hadn’t heard of, so I thought I’d make a list here. A lot of people also pointed at the modern-unix list. replacements for standard tools…

Top-Tier Podcast Applications That Every Mac User Should Have

Top-Tier Podcast Applications That Every Mac User Should Have

Podcasts have been around for quite some time now. Over the years, there has been a steady rise in the audience of podcasts. As of now, there are thousands of creators who have their own podcasts and shows. Listening to podcasts has numerous benefits. It significantly helps in reducing screen time and helps us avoid... Read more

Experimental investigation of orangutans’ involving stone tool behaviours

Loading metrics Open Access Peer-reviewed Research Article Alba Motes-Rodrigo,  Shannon P. McPherron,  Will Archer,  R. Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar,  Claudio Tennie x Published: February 16, 2022 AbstractEarly stone tools, and in particular sharp stone tools, arguably represent one of the most important technological milestones in human evolution. The production and use of sharp stone tools significantly…

Lawyers Allege Google deceived consumers about how it profits from location data

Attorneys general from D.C. and three states plan to sue Google on Monday, arguing that the search giant deceived consumers to gain access to their location data.The lawsuits, expected to be filed in the District of Columbia, Texas, Washington and Indiana, allege the company made misleading promises about its users’ ability to protect their privacy…

Over 90 WordPress themes, plugins backdoored in supply chain attack

A massive supply chain attack compromised 93 WordPress themes and plugins to contain a backdoor, giving threat-actors full access to websites. In total, threat actors compromised 40 themes and 53 plugins belonging to AccessPress, a developer of WordPress add-ons used in over 360,000 active websites. The attack was discovered by researchers at Jetpack, the creators…

Why Facebook and Twitter are embracing NFTs

NFTs, for those who’ve managed to avoid learning about them until now, are unique digital tokens, inscribed on a permanent digital ledger called a blockchain, that serve as proof of ownership of some digital good, such as an image. If you’ve seen a celebrity or cryptocurrency enthusiast whose social media avatar resembles a disaffected primate…

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