Cat Printer

Cat Printer

Cat Printer

Cat printer is a conveyable thermal printer sold on AliExpress for around $20.

This repository comprises Python code for talking to the cat printer over Bluetooth Low Vitality (BLE). The code has been reverse engineered from the pleasurable Android app.

# Clone the repository.
$ git clone
$ cd catprinter
# Acquire a virtualenv on venv/ and activate it.
$ virtualenv --python=python3 venv
$ provide venv/bin/activate
# Install requirements from requirements.txt.
$ pip set Up -r requirements.txt

$ python --wait on
usage: [-h] [--devicename] [--log-level {debug,info,warn,error}] [--img-binarization-algo {mean-threshold,floyd-steinberg}] [--show-preview] filename

prints a report for your cat thermal printer

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --wait on            define this wait on message and exit
  --devicename          Specify the Bluetooth instrument title to see for. Default price is GT01.
  --log-level {debug,files,warn,error}
  --img-binarization-algo {mean-threshold,floyd-steinberg, halftone}
                        Which image binarization algorithm to make insist of.
  --define-preview        If pickle, displays the ultimate image and asks the user for confirmation earlier than printing.

% python --define-preview test.png
⏳ Making insist of Floyd-Steinberg dithering to image...
✅ Executed.
ℹ️ Displaying preview.
🤔 Stride ahead with print? [Y/n]?
✅ Study image: (42, 384) (h, w) pixels
✅ Generated BLE instructions: 2353 bytes
⏳ Taking a look for a BLE instrument named GT01...
✅ Bought it. Handle: 09480C21-65B5-477B-B475-C797CD0D6B1C: GT01
⏳ Connecting to 09480C21-65B5-477B-B475-C797CD0D6B1C: GT01...
✅ Linked: Upright; MTU: 104
⏳ Sending 2353 bytes of files in chunks of 101 bytes...
✅ Executed.

Mean Threshold:
Mean threshold

Floyd Steinberg (default)
Floyd Steinberg

Halftone dithering

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About the author: Roxane

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