Bypass all main news paywalls

Bypass all main news paywalls

Bypass Paywalls is an internet browser extension to aid bypass paywalls for chosen web sites.

Installation Instructions

Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge (Custom web sites supported)

  1. Catch this repo as a ZIP file from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the file and likewise that you would perhaps even honest smooth absorb a folder named bypass-paywalls-chrome-master.
  3. In Chrome/Edge fling to the extensions page (chrome://extensions or edge://extensions).
  4. Allow Developer Mode.
  5. Run the bypass-paywalls-chrome-master folder wherever on the page to import it (attain now not delete the folder afterwards).

Mozilla Firefox (Custom web sites now not supported)


  • Each time you originate Chrome it will also honest warn you about working extensions in developer mode, ultimate click ✕ to withhold the extension enabled.
  • You would perhaps well be logged out for any location it’s seemingly you’ll well need checked.
  • This extension works effective alongside the adblocker uBlock Starting up.
  • The Firefox model supports computerized updates.

Bypass the following web sites’ paywalls with this extension:

Algemeen Dagblad
American Banker
Baltimore Solar
Bloomberg Quint
BN De Stem
Boston Globe
Brabants Dagblad
Brisbane Instances
Commerce Insider
Central Western On each day basis
Chemical & Engineering Recordsdata
Chicago Tribune
Corriere Della Sera
Crain’s Chicago Commerce
On each day basis Press
De Gelderlander
De Groene Amsterdammer
De Stentor
De Speld
De Tijd
De Volkskrant
Denver Post
Diario Financiero
Dynamed Plus
Eindhovens Dagblad
El Mercurio
El Pais
El Periodico
Encyclopedia Britannica
Monetary Recordsdata
Monetary Post
Monetary Instances
First Things
International Policy
Harper’s Magazine
Hartford Courant
Harvard Commerce Evaluate
Herald Solar
Het Financieel Dagblad
History Further
Il Manifesto
Merchants Account
L.A. Commerce Journal
La Nación
La Repubblica
La Stampa
La Tercera
La Voix du Nord
Le Devoir
Le Parisien
Les Échos
Loeb Classical Library
London Evaluate of Books
Los Angeles Instances
MIT Sloan Management Evaluate
MIT Technology Evaluate
Mexicon Recordsdata On each day basis
Mountain Detect Sing
Nationwide Geographic
Unique York On each day basis Recordsdata
NRC Handelsblad
NT Recordsdata
Nationwide Post
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
Unique York Magazine
Unique Zealand Herald
Orange County Register
Orlando Sentinel
Palo Alto Online
Quotidiani Gelocal
San Diego Union Tribune
San Francisco Account
Scientific American
Looking out for Alpha
Valuable particular person Tribune
Tech in Asia
The Advertiser
The Point out
The Age
The American Passion
The Atlantic
The Australian Monetary Evaluate
The Australian
The Commerce Journals
The Canberra Instances
The Courier
The Courier Mail
The Within the discount of
The On each day basis Telegraph
The Diplomat
The Economist
The Globe and Mail
The Herald
The Hindu
The Irish Instances
The Japan Instances
The Kansas Metropolis Valuable particular person
The Mercury Recordsdata
The Mercury Tasmania
The Morning Call
The Nation
The Nationwide
The Unique Statesman
The Unique York Instances
The Unique Yorker
The Recordsdata-Gazette
The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Saturday Paper
The Seattle Instances
The Spectator Australia
The Spectator
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Telegraph
The Toronto Valuable particular person
The Wall Avenue Journal
The Washington Post
The Wrap
Instances Literary Supplement
Towards Recordsdata Science
Arrogance Magnificent
Vrij Nederland
Winston-Salem Journal
World Politics Evaluate
Zeit Online

Sites with little quantity of free articles

The free article restrict can on the overall be bypassed by disposing of cookies for the location.*

Install the Cookie Remover extension for Google Chrome or for Mozilla Firefox. Please rate it 5 stars if you seek it valuable.

When discovering a paywall click the cookie icon to prefer the cookies then refresh the page.

*Also can now not continuously succeed

Unique location requests

Perfect orderly or main web sites will doubtless be belief of. Veritably top rate articles can’t be bypassed as they’re within the again of a annoying paywall.

  1. Install the uBlock Starting up extension if it hasn’t been build in already. Peek if it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance perhaps be smooth getting a paywall.
  2. Verify if the usage of Cookie Remover (Google Chrome model or Mozilla Firefox model) can bypass the paywall. If now not, continue to the following step.
  3. First search Disorders to behold if the location has been requested already.
  4. Talk about about with an editorial on the location you would possibly want to absorb to avoid the paywall for and reproduction the article title.
  5. Open up a recent incognito window (Ctrl+Shift+N on Chrome) or Private window (Ctrl+Shift+P on Firefox), and paste the article title into Google.
  6. Click on the equivalent article from the Google search outcomes page.
  7. If it masses with out a paywall that you would perhaps post a seek files from of and change your total template text with the observe “Confirmed”. Otherwise please attain now not post a remark as this extension cannot bypass it both.


  • This extension works effective alongside uBlock Starting up for Google Chrome or for Mozilla Firefox.
  • If a location doesn’t work, strive turning off uBlock and refreshing.
  • Strive clearing cookies.
  • Create decided it’s seemingly you’ll well perchance perhaps be working basically the most contemporary model of Bypass Paywalls.
  • If a location is having concerns strive unchecking “*General Paywall Bypass*” in Choices.
  • If none of these work, that you would perhaps post a remark here.

Contributing – Pull Requests

PRs are welcome.

  1. If making a PR to add a recent location, ascertain your adjustments truly bypass the paywall.
  2. At a minimal these files can even honest smooth be up to this point:, manifest-ff.json, src/js/web sites.js, and perhaps src/js/background.js, and/or src/js/contentScript.js.
  3. Practice new code-trend and use camelCase.
  4. Employ JavaScript Semi-Standard Vogue linter. Produce now not favor to use it precisely. There will doubtless be some errors (e.g., attain now not use it on web sites.js).

Tell your again

  • Practice me on Twitter @iamadamdev for updates.
  • I attain now not ask for donations, all I ask is that you superstar this repo.


  • This map is equipped for academic capabilities handiest and
    is equipped “AS IS”, with out warranty of any kind, narrate or
    implied, alongside with however now not little to the warranties of merchantability,
    health for a particular motive and noninfringement. in no occasion shall the
    authors or copyright holders be accountable for any claim, damages or other
    liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise, bobbing up from,
    out of or in reference to the map or the use or other dealings within the

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These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching