Bunny DNS – A scriptable DNS platform

Bunny DNS – A scriptable DNS platform

No matter 2022 come what may beginning even more loopy than 2021, we are persevering with our mission to make the web hop faster and confidently make the realm a better bid.

This day, as a part of that mission, we are contented to narrate Bunny DNS! A contemporary, scriptable DNS platform to serve plot and vitality the web of the following day, serve developers simplify complex routing challenges, and at splendid, to pave a few of the critical first steps towards our bigger vision now we possess for bunny.web.

Rethinking Info superhighway Routing

DNS is an historical thought with an tall list of pleasant products and services already obtainable obtainable. With that in mind, we didn’t are searching out for to reinvent the wheel. As a replace, we wished to completely rethink how we expect at web routing and what contemporary concerns we are able to serve resolve with DNS.

In a legacy plan, DNS is considered as a easy desk of records that act as an web plan. Nonetheless we expect DNS holds loads more vitality to resolve some otherwise tricky challenges. This is getting more and more well-known, especially in an international the build programs are turning into more and more complex and computing is transferring correct to the brink.

When we constructed our SmartEdge routing engine to vitality Bunny CDN, we were confronted with the advanced disclose of orchestrating a world routing plan that takes in thousands and thousands of metrics and thousands of health checks every 2nd to teach a seamless skills to almost 1,000,000 websites powered by bunny.web. There merely wasn’t an answer obtainable that would possess allowed us to make that. In the prolonged speed, we ended up constructing our have. It changed into then when we determined we wished to bring this superpower to every person, handiest critical more efficient.

We wished to teach a sturdy contemporary approach to dynamically routing web page traffic to resolve even the most complex routing eventualities obtainable with about a easy lines of easy JavaScript code.

To illustrate, some tell-cases we imagine are provider discovery, DNS verification related to a HTTP backend, dapper load balancing, complex global routing per the geo-position, nation, IP and diverse parameters, critical multi-CDN integration, security programs, and so critical more. We possess even constructed a DNS clock with it.

Bunny DNS helps you leverage a sturdy routing platform to simplify a complete position of otherwise tricky concerns and we are able to not wait to reveal how it is far being inclined within the categorical-world.

Here’s an instance snippet to advance serve a Hello World! TXT file:

On high of that, we also ready a position of helpers to simplify load balancing, monitoring, geographical routing, consistent hashing, and heaps more. The documentation for this can change into obtainable as we collect closer to the total initiate.

Simplifying CDN Integration By approach to Constructed-in DNS

Moreover entirely reimagining web routing, we had one extra plot in mind: Simplifying the Bunny CDN integration by an constructed-in DNS plan.

Whereas bunny.web already helps vitality nearly 1 million websites and nowadays scaled our community backbone to a whopping 80Tbit, we restful possess ways to wander and an fearless thought for the future. We’re searching out for to serve developers resolve more concerns and easily plot and scoot global capabilities to serve make the web hop faster. Providing a sturdy but easy DNS is the 1st step to making that a reality.

By simplifying the CDN integration and taking withhold watch over of the DNS, we designed a rather easy approach to integrating all assorted bunny.web products. This model, we are able to bring more vitality to the platform. Our #1 core cost at bunny.web is innovation, and Bunny DNS appropriate unlocks a complete lot of it.

We predict products wants to be as easy as imaginable but stuffed with aspects, and we continued to retain this mindset into DNS. Whereas scripting records would possibly furthermore sound complex for some, they’re entirely optional and the relaxation of the interface lets in you to with ease prepare your DNS records.

Merely clicking our bunny, which you may per chance now easily configure and hyperlink a contemporary CDN Pull Zone to a DNS hostname. If we are able to construct you 5 minutes of your time configuring the CDN, that is 5 minutes more which you may per chance exhaust on assorted things.

Immense NO to Lock-in

Whereas locking users correct into a platform by forcing every person to tell your DNS plan will be factual for customer retention, or not it is a scandalous be aware that we at bunny.web strive to place far from at every step. We predict our customers would possibly furthermore restful follow us because they adore our platform, not because getting out is method too advanced.

That being talked about, the DNS is entirely commence and optional, and integration between Bunny CDN, Bunny DNS and diverse bunny.web products are entirely up to you. We invite every person to tell strictly what works for you. In case you merely possess to scoot static bid material such photos, movies or downloads, there’s, of direction, no possess to tell the DNS in any recognize, and which you may per chance continue the tell of your existing DNS provider that continue to seamlessly mix with Bunny CDN.

Packed With Parts

One of many desires when we are designing a contemporary product is to make it extremely feature packed while staying as easy as imaginable. We’re joyful to verbalize we are bringing this philosophy to Bunny DNS as successfully.

Out of the field, Bunny DNS lets in you to easily configure automated IP monitoring, weighted load balancing, full raw logging, custom nameservers, and more, entirely freed from payment and with appropriate about a clicks.

We’re also finalizing DNSSEC toughen as successfully as assorted neatly-behaved aspects sooner than total availability. In case you’re making rep something that is lacking during the preview, be definite to permit us to grab. Or not it is our vision for Bunny DNS to be the strongest DNS platform on the planet, and we are able to not wait to hear your feedback to make it even better.

Privacy First

As a European company, we continuously disclose privateness first.  Moreover the user-coping with logs, Bunny DNS stores fully no private recordsdata other than no matter is required for security causes. We’re committed to helping our customers bag and process as tiny recordsdata as imaginable and letting slay-users’ private recordsdata remain their have.

Pricing That Is All About You!

Lastly, we’re down to the pricing. We’re contented to verbalize that the fundamental core DNS will be entirely freed from payment. For the scriptable DNS, we are aiming to match the aged pricing of legacy DNS services with an plot to hit pricing between $0.1 to $0.4 per million queries.

At bunny.web, we plot to be the most customer-centric company within the industry and that entails the pricing as successfully. Or not it is our plot to plot an fully reimagined contemporary plan at the an analogous low cost and serve our customers hop ahead.

Unlocking the total vitality of bunny.web!

Whereas we’re occupied with the contemporary superpowers we are bringing to DNS, we see this as appropriate one amongst the parts to serve us pursue our bigger vision. We’re on a mission to serve make the web hop faster and with every resolution we make, we search recordsdata from ourselves how this performs with our desires.

We possess an fearless roadmap ahead and are stuffed with suggestions of how we are able to make the web a better bid, and DNS is the predominant ingredient to permit us to collect there. We hope to upgrade bunny.web, which is for the time being one amongst the strongest platforms for static bid material provide to the subsequent stage and resolve a complete position of quite a variety of concerns to serve make your complete web presence hop faster.

Be a a part of the preview!

In case you may furthermore doubtless be occupied with taking DNS to the subsequent stage or merely desire a one-click on technique to scoot and protect your online web page, we’re overjoyed to narrate that beginning nowadays, we are opening Bunny DNS for early preview signups. In case you may furthermore doubtless be , be definite you log in and join early access.

Before everything, we thought to onboard a shrimp position of users to collect feedback, form out any remaining bugs and finalize a few of the critical aspects. We then thought to commence Bunny DNS for public preview in April.

Abet us plot the web of the following day!

In case you align with our vision of helping developers make the web hop faster and enjoy fixing complex technical challenges on a nice scale, be definite to ascertain our Careers web page! We possess an fearless thought and searching out for out a position of fabulous contemporary group contributors to serve plot the web of the following day!

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