Bottles – Breeze Dwelling windows tool and games on Linux

Bottles – Breeze Dwelling windows tool and games on Linux

Simply arrange wineprefix the utilize of environments

📚 Documentation

Sooner than opening a fresh downside, look at if the topic has already been lined
in our documentation.

Please present that some pages of the documentation are level-headed being written.

🗣 Assist Bottles talk your language

Be taught right here easy concepts to
translate Bottles on your language or easy concepts to abet enhance present ones.

🦾 Capabilities

  • Produce bottles in step with environments (a location of principles and dependencies)
  • Win entry to to a customizable ambiance on your entire experiments
  • Breeze every executable (.exe/.msi/.bat) on your bottles, the utilize of the context menu on your file manager
  • Constructed-in management and storage for executable file arguments
  • Enhance for custom ambiance variables
  • Simplified DLL overrides
  • Dwelling up and install extra than one wine/proton/dxvk versions and on-the-fly replace
  • Various optimizations for better gaming performance (esync, fsync, dxvk, cache, shader compiler, offload … and loads extra.)
  • Tweak quite loads of wine prefix settings, without leaving Bottles
  • Automatic dxvk set up
  • Machine for checking runner updates for the bottle and computerized restore in case of breakage
  • Constructed-in Dependencies installer with compatibility look at in step with a community-driven repository
  • Detection of get in programs
  • Constructed-in Project manager for wine processes
  • Speedily entry to ProtonDB and WineHQ for pork up
  • Configurations replace arrangement all over Bottles versions
  • Backup and Import bottles from older model and from quite loads of managers (Lutris, POL, ..)
  • Bottles versioning (experimental)
  • … and loads extra that yow will stumble on by installing Bottles!

🚧 Work in development

  • Installer manager #55
  • Import backup from configuration file
  • Optionally available sandboxed bottles

↗️ Install

Bottles is formally equipped as Flatpak, AppImage, AUR equipment.
There are additionally quite loads of applications maintained by our community, love Fedora,
AUR (bottles-git), CachyOS AUR, and MX Linux.

Be taught right here easy concepts to
install Bottles on your distribution.

Notices for equipment maintainers

We are cheerful to seek packaged Bottles nonetheless we question you to respect some small principles:

  • The equipment must always be bottles, in quite loads of distributions it is miles that you just are going to additionally mediate to make utilize of suffixes (e.g. bottles-git on Arch Linux for the git based completely mostly equipment) while on others the RDNN layout is required (e.g. com.usebottles.bottles on elementary OS and Flathub repository). All quite loads of nomenclatures are dejected.
  • In the most fresh development fragment, the model corresponds to the system (2.commit, e.g. 2.a005f01), the attach that you just are going to additionally mediate utilize this system one day of the development fragment. For get and ‘get development’ unlock you are going to additionally utilize the model in the VERSION file and its unlock. Please manufacture now not traipse into the prolonged speed with releases. It would maybe maybe confuse customers.
  • Attain now not equipment exterior recordsdata and enact now not salvage changes to the code, no onerous script. Obviously with the exception of recordsdata an extraordinarily unparalleled for packaging.
    As soon as the equipment is published, you are going to additionally open a Pull Seek info from to add it to the applications table above! Thanks ❤️!


Shortcut Stream
Ctrl+Q Discontinuance Bottles
Ctrl+R Reload the Bottles list
F1 Perambulate to the documentation
Esc Return


  • Why Bottles?
  • Where is Winetricks?
  • Older versions will likely be deprecated?
  • Backward compatibility?

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