Bentō is an alive, unstable Eastern noise field by Giorgio Sancristoforo

Feedback networks, unstable oscillators, shaky fat quivering filters, distorted mayhem, a bunch of labels in Japanese, a bunch of switches and knobs and a tape recorder – Bentō is a delight of software madness. It’s a delicious meal of noise. The drones start right away when you load Bentō – warm and organic – and…

Bentō is an alive, unstable Eastern noise field by Giorgio Sancristoforo

Suggestions networks, unstable oscillators, shaky pudgy quivering filters, distorted mayhem, a bunch of labels in Eastern, a bunch of switches and knobs and a tape recorder – Bentō is a pride of instrument insanity. It’s a palatable meal of noise.

The drones launch accurate away for these who load Bentō – warm and natural – and from there, ignore the labels (uh, particularly for these who don’t be taught Eastern) and straight away you unleash a storm of trembling noise. It’s the most recent instrument suite from eccentric code virtuoso and estoeric sonic historical previous buff Giorgio Sancristoforo, the an identical solutions who gave us the Berna3 electronic tune studio and Gleetchlab.

Giorgio tells us right here’s a “lovable crazy ingredient” and I’m able to’t place it any better. It’s bought the most engaging-wanting UI of the leisure he’s built yet – it factual oozes enchantment – and both the presets and “let’s flip this and see what it does” or the leisure in between provide never-ending pride.

As novel, there is an exquisitely detailed handbook for these who ought to dive in. There’s no enter in anyway in Bentō; it’s all accurate there within the sphere. Nonetheless you would file to a tape recorder. It’s standalone instrument, which I deem is how easiest to intention it, though you might perchance likely cheat and route it in completely different locations the employ of some inter-app/loopback driver.

The basics of the architecture: there’s a pink ticket course and blue ticket course, every with a single generator – filter – amplifier – clock – envelope constructing. (Blue adds a hoop modulation to all that.)

The key is, all the issues is unstable and unpredictable. The slightest alternate upsets them into some surprising outcomes. So even because it looks to be to be like pretty rational, query it to respond in a more natural intention in insist of straight retort your intentions. It’s almost better no longer to appreciate intentions. Because the handbook instructs:

Don’t underestimate the energy of no longer exciting. Explore, don’t be nervous, despite all the issues it’s no longer well-known to grab the selections by memory, for these who employ your ear.

Obviously, there’s also no damage in exciting what’s occurring, which makes the handbook an honorable be taught. The basic gist right here is that the oscillators are analog computing patches that resolve a differential equation and dialing in adjustments to the clock ticket that feeds them produces wild diversifications within the sound. The filters appreciate chubby ticket solutions – so fortunately weep away for these who so need.

It sounds adore total mayhem, however the controls are so neatly laid out, and so pleasantly combine balancing controls with destabilizing controls, that it feels pretty much like you understand easy how to play the ingredient even sooner than you discontinuance. It’s all keyboard and MIDI mappable, too, which implies you might perchance likely ditch the mouse and space up an extraordinarily effective hardware live performance rig with this.

The tape recorder is lovable, too, and never supreme skill that you just can care for sounds but also add some honest saturation and noise.

It’s meditative even factual to open the ingredient up and eavesdrop on the oscillators for a whereas.

For enthusiasts of noise and experimental sound, this instrument is pure remedy. Stunning stuff. Successfully definitely worth the twenty bucks – Mac now, with Windows inbound soon.


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