Bellow HN: Invent you know that your brain reads sooner than your stumble on?

A warm “Grüezi” from Switzerland. My name is Renato. I am the founder and creator of Bionic Reading. It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself shortly, because we are developing a product for you. For people of all colors. And that’s why it’s only right and important for us to let you know who’s behind the product. Namely also a…

Bellow HN: Invent you know that your brain reads sooner than your stumble on?
Hello reader! Welcome, let's start-

A warm Grüezi” from Switzerland. My title is Renato. I am the founder and creator of Bionic Reading. It presents me edifying pleasure to introduce myself quickly, due to we’re increasing a product for you. For folks of all colours. And thats why its most fantastic staunch and basic for us to allow you to know whos on the back of the product. Particularly also a human being.
As already mentioned, I reach from Switzerland. I am a typographic dressmaker and were going thru form, assemble and the plot text would possibly be optimally acquired for over 25 years.

How I came to Bionic Reading is a moderately irregular epic. Throughout my reports, I became requested to present a e-book for a Swiss bestselling creator. A little opponents at our faculty. On the opposite hand, this e-book creator did now not write his texts in written German, nevertheless in a assemble of the Swiss language, which I did now not perceive with reading. So I realized that I genuinely assemble edifying difficulties to learn the text.
It became utterly different when the creator suggested something in his bear language. There I’ll maybe well absorb every observe and straight understood the context. That is, by listening, my brain knew this language completely. However after I learn, indubitably, that became long gone, due to we absorb textual info thru the stumble on. I then realized what the trigger of this would possibly be. I never learn on this language, so my brain doesnt assemble a vocabulary that it’ll match.
And I had to change that. I then realized that I most fantastic need single fragments of the words to recount my brain: hey, you know a truly identical observe. So spend that. On epic of it has the proper identical meaning. I then transformed observe by observe into Bionic Reading and translated it for my brain, and will learn and perceive the total text. Minute reports in class then showed that this assemble had one other facet enact. Particularly, my classmates would possibly maybe well furthermore learn sooner due to this.

That became the beginning of taking a closer survey at Bionic Reading. I now wished to search out out for whom this assemble of reading is also very precious and created smaller take a look at merchandise. And survey, I and my classmates were now not the finest ones who wished to make spend of this personally customizable assemble of reading.
There were CEOs, college students, moms and dads, other folks from every conceivable background in society. They were other folks with reading difficulties. Other folks that learn very noteworthy or very diminutive on on daily foundation foundation. The feedback became improbable.

And now we’re launching our first product and hope you fancy it. All individuals is conscious of that right here’s impartial the beginning. We assemble the dash in front of us. However the stay is peaceable a long reach off.

Factual success and assemble enjoyable with Bionic Reading. Comprise care and defend healthy.
Ciao from Switzerland.

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