Begin HN: AirMyne (YC W22) – Shooting CO2 from air at industrial scale


Hi HN, we are Sudip and Ticket, founders of AirMyne (, however there’s nothing there yet). We’re constructing an industrial-scale process/plant to utilize and hang away CO2 from air, so it’s some distance going to be piped to nearby sequestration facilities and injected underground—a process that requires less vitality and capital equipment than other main alternate choices.

Corporations spent over $1B on CO2 offsets final year, sourced essentially from landowners and project aggregators claiming to guard forested lands. At some level of the previous couple of years, hobby in more eternal kinds of CO2 removal have ended in the pilot-scale commercialization of unique bio-oil/biochar/biomass, announce air utilize, mineralization, and ocean processes, however these will not be yet on hand with enough ability to fulfill ask. There is not a silver bullet, however we imagine inserting off CO2 from air with an industrial chemical process presents the most life like and scalable course ahead.

Shooting and sequestering CO2 from air is a broad engineering enlighten. The dilute focus of CO2 within the environment (~400ppm) capability a system working at 100% utilize effectivity would peaceable need to process 2500 a entire bunch air to utilize honest correct 1 ton of CO2. Necessary vitality is then required to liberate CO2 from the utilize medium. On high of that, compressing and injecting CO2 underground requires controlling for gas leakages, dry ice blockages, and the corrosive stipulations created when concentrated CO2 is available in contact with mark water vapor.

Our capability goes again to the basics of acid/rude chemistry. CO2 acts as an acid and can bind to a rude, whether or not within the liquid segment or on a gain surface. We have developed a process to express air in contact with a rude substrate that captures CO2 molecules while letting N2 and O2 molecules poke through. After vitality is utilized, CO2 is desorbed from the substrate for downstream remedy and compression. This reversible process permits for a single stage “air in, CO2 out” system the build 1 ton of substrate would maybe maybe utilize>1000 a entire bunch CO2 over its righteous lifetime.

In the lab, now we have demonstrated this means at a gram-degree scale and imagine the process presents enough vitality whine, deliberate capex/opex charges, and process complexity when put next with existing alternate choices. (We’d adore to gift you a video however can’t enact that yet—the chemistry & physical embodiment of the system are areas the build we’re creating core IP and that process peaceable entails some secrecy at this stage.)

As we scale this process, we are initiating discussions with other firms who can support us inject captured CO2 deep underground so it’s some distance going to be sequestered for geologic time scales. Sequestration applied sciences have improved their compression and injection processes over time, and an emerging regulatory landscape is beginning to hang form to bustle the deployment of CO2 injection wells and mineralization projects within the US, the EU, and across the sphere. We intend to colocate our CO2 utilize near injection facilities to minimize transport logistics.

Sudip and I each and each near from industry. At Honeywell, Sudip invented and scaled the low-global-warming refrigerant 1234yf ancient in car air conditioning systems, besides to a diversity of merchandise ancient to salvage shows, computer chips, sensors, solar modules, and electrical parts. I invented formulations at BASF now broadly ancient within the fabricate of silicon carbide vitality electronics for EVs, solar inverters, and other excessive vitality electric devices. We express a systems engineering standpoint to the C02/local weather enlighten—our focal level is not handiest creating, however moreover derisking and scaling industrial systems/processes correct into a replace case honest for enormous industrial stakeholders.

Eliminating existing emissions is the most urgent and annoying enlighten we face to preserve the local weather habitable, however inserting off CO2 from the environment is yet again and yet again wished too. Tackling this enlighten head-on opens up other racy potentialities. By focusing on the “wrong consumer” case of inserting off dilute CO2 from air, we would maybe maybe blueprint uncommon innovations or insights applicable to the level-provide utilize of more concentrated CO2 streams equivalent to industrial flue gases. And honest correct as natural gas (methane) became a commercially ineffective molecule till oil firms started shooting it and finding a whine case, we imagine that if CO2 will be captured from air and made righteous, it will change into the feedstock for an industry of comparable scope and scale.

We’re joyful to beginning as a YC W22 company – we couldn’t inquire for a more ahead-having a detect community of folks commence to buying, supporting, or otherwise enticing with local weather alternate choices adore ours. Grateful to your time and ecstatic to hang your questions! We’re at whenever that you just must reach out.

p.s. dang took out all our footnotes however whenever you want references for any of the above, please inquire!



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These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching