Bashforth: A Forth interpreter, written as bash script

Bashforth: A Forth interpreter, written as bash script

This Forth interpreter, entirely written as bash script, is a Fยณ (Fully Functional Forth), albeit a tad slow.
Some would call it “sluggish”. As rough indication, an ARM SBC which I’m running Bashforth on takes about 15 second
for an empty loop of 100,000 iterations. It has built-in doc and see facilities, simplifying exploration of Bashforth.
Bashforth lacks floating point support and vocabularies, but comes with essentials like defining word builder,
exception handling. It also provides an extra string stack, along with a set of words, operating on string stack.

Those interested in bashforth might like yoda which does away with the virtual machine
and compiles directly to bash functions. As consequence can a substantial performance difference be realised (yoda is faster by a factor of somewhere between 30 and 50 times).

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