AWS Graviton vs. M1 vs. M1 Educated Node.js Benchmarks

I am lucky in that I have a few side projects which have grown Up to become full fledged companies. One of them builds little tools to detect different types of financial crime. As part of the development cycle I run a test suite. The test suite is pretty extensive as we follow the Test…

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I am lucky in that I also fill a few facet projects which fill grown as much as vary into plump fledged firms. One in all them builds tiny tools to detect diversified kinds of monetary crime.

As phase of the reach cycle I plug a check suite. The check suite is beautiful huge as we notice the Take a look at Driven Trend & Behaviour Driven Trend advance. For every characteristic within the venture there are veritably a half dozen tests. Its a expansive suite.

After practically every alternate to the code i tun the tests. All of them… Being in a space to plug the plump suite everytime helps me to fill interplay Up complications early and iterate rapidly. The faster the tests plug, the extra i’m in a position to rating carried out.

I mostly work on Macs and we currently purchased a 16” MacBook Educated with an M1 Educated CPU for me to attain my model on. It’s a beast of a narrate, with 10 cores and extra RAM and Flash Storage than i do know what to attain with.

The check suite is embaressingly “parallel”. Each and every check can plug on its like core so the extra cores now we fill the faster the tests will plug. My most unusual 10 core Mac runs them significant faster than my 4 core Mac and a entire lot of others.


Given i create on a ARM Mac, i’d esteem to deploy to an ARM server. Correct now i fill to manufacture and deploy using a cloud server or an older Intel MacBook i wait on in a blueprint. No longer big dapper!

Amazon had been making an are trying to resolve this scenario (and heaps of others) by growing a line of ARM servers call Graviton. I currently gave one a are trying. I became curous to acknowledge how the very fastest 64 core graviton server when compared to my 10 core 16” MacBook Educated and my 8 core M1 Mac Mini.

The check became moderately easy. I installed node v16 on both my MacBook and the cloud occasion, installed our app and then ran the plump end to end check suite.

The plump suite executes 1196 unit check and 350 end to end tests. The unit check are plug in collection on one core, while the BDD tests are plug in paralell on the total final cores.

I needed to rating a principle for if the graviton cores the keep lickety-split adequate to plug our workload, however also too respect if it can perchance be price running our fabricate and deploy scripts within the cloud.


The outcomes are if truth be told spicy.

Lets birth with the M1 Mac mini. It’s a right baseline because it’s the Mac i became growing on Up untill currently. The Mac mini completed the tests in 45.13 seconds across 8 cores.

The M1 Educated MacBook when compared smartly with the M1. The extra faster cores within the MacBook Educated delivering a get of 31.84 seconds across the 10 cores. Round 31% faster than the M1 Mac mini

The AWS Graviton occasion (c6g.steel to be explicit) delivered a get of 14.63 seconds across its 64 cores. Round 68% faster than the Mac mini.

I figured out all three alternate strategies beautiful impressive for diversified causes.

The Mac mini is impressive due to the the rate. From a CPU standpoint at the least, the 8 core Mac Mini fee about £700 to like without extinguish. Whereas the fastest ARM server AWS makes costs £13,831 exquisite to rent it for one year. The Mac mini is 3x slower, however practically 20x much less pricey. Thats beautiful incredible fee!

The M1 MacBook is impressive on the efficiency per core & fee. Roughly speaking every Apple CPU core is performing twice as rapidly as every AWS Graviton core. It’s 1.5x slower than the AWS server, however it’s ~6x much less pricey. Thats great fee and makes me very mad for better core count ARM Macs one day. A 24 or 32 core might presumably be astonishingly lickety-split!

Indirectly the Graviton impressed me for the outright hobble. Having 64 cores to split the assignment Up allowed it to bring the most efficient consequence of the evening and lift the crown as the fastest CPU ever to plug the check suite.

Closing solutions

This became a fun tiny experiment with some neat sparkling uses. The Graviton platform is extra than snappily adequate for us to switch our production workload too. It’s now not unattainable fee, however it wont atomize the bank both.

With the Graviton processes being “appropriate adequate” i’m in a position to also switch my total model pipeline to be ARM end to end. That system i’m in a position to utilize the lickety-split Mac on my desk to write code, however also to manufacture the docker container and plug the free Up scripts. That’s a if truth be told tremendous milestone within the apps model and system i’m in a position to at final retire the Intel Mac which is gathering grime within the blueprint.

All in all, a fun afternoon of experimentation!

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