Awkward: Nested, jagged, differentiable, mixed variety, GPU-enabled, JIT’d NumPy

Awkward: Nested, jagged, differentiable, mixed variety, GPU-enabled, JIT’d NumPy

PyPI version
Python 2.7,3.5‒3.9
BSD-3 Clause License
Continuous integration tests


Awkward Array is a library for nested, variable-sized data, including arbitrary-size lists, data, mixed kinds, and lacking data, the exercise of NumPy-take care of idioms.

Arrays are dynamically typed, nonetheless operations on them are compiled and mercurial. Their behavior coincides with NumPy when array dimensions are frequent and generalizes when they’re now not.

Employ the left-bar for tutorials (≡ button on cell), click below for reference documentation, or here for GitHub. Dispute that essentially the most complete documentation can even be found within the Python API reference: each and each feature has an intensive docstring, usually with examples.

Set up

Awkward Array can even be set in from PyPI the exercise of pip:

Most customers will rating a precompiled binary (wheel) to your working gadget and Python model. If now not, the above makes an try to compile from offer.

Getting help

  • Fable bugs, set a matter to aspects, and seek data from for extra documentation on GitHub Factors.

  • You would possibly perchance perchance perchance well additionally vote for points by including a “thumbs up” (👍) the exercise of the “smile/preserve your response” menu on the high-moral of the topic. See the prioritized listing of launch points.

  • Whereas you would possibly perchance perchance need a “How pause I…?” quiz, delivery up a GitHub Dialogue with class “Q&A”.

  • Alternatively, seek data from about it on StackOverflow with the [awkward-array] designate. Guarantee to consist of tags for any totally different libraries that you exercise, comparable to Pandas or PyTorch.

  • To hunt data from questions in exact time, strive the Gitter Scikit-HEP/awkward-array chat room.

For developers

See Awkward Array’s GitHub internet page for extra on the next.

See also papers and talks about Awkward Array and a desk of contributors.

Toughen for this work was offered by NSF cooperative agreement OAC-1836650 (IRIS-HEP), grant OAC-1450377 (DIANA/HEP), PHY-1520942 (US-CMS LHC Ops), and OAC-2103945 (Awkward Array).

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