Automating cookie consent and GDPR violation detection

Automating cookie consent and GDPR violation detection


Dino Bollinger, Karel Kubicek, Carlos Cotrini, and David Basin, ETH Zurich


The European Union’s In model Data Safety Regulations (GDPR) requires web sites to uncover users about non-public data assortment and query consent for cookies. Yet the majority of sites invent now now not give users any alternatives, and others try to deceive them into accepting all cookies. We sage the severity of this mumble of affairs thru an diagnosis of means GDPR violations in cookie banners in nearly 30ok web sites. We title six new violation sorts, equivalent to wrong category assignments and misleading expiration times, and we uncover no lower than one means violation in a nice 94.7% of the analyzed web sites.

We address this recount by giving users the vitality to guard their privacy. We execute a browser extension, called CookieBlock, that makes employ of machine discovering out to position into sign GDPR cookie consent at the patron. It routinely categorizes cookies by utilization cause the utilization of only the certainty provided within the cookie itself. At a mean validation accuracy of 84.4%, our mannequin attains a prediction high quality competitive with expert knowledge within the subject. Moreover, our means differs from prior work by now now not relying on the cooperation of sites themselves. We empirically assessment CookieBlock on a plight of 100 randomly sampled web sites, on which it filters roughly 90% of the privacy-invasive cookies with out enormously impairing web establish functionality.

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