Attack advertising and marketing and marketing campaign exciting stolen OAuth tokens issued to third-celebration integrators

Attack advertising and marketing and marketing campaign exciting stolen OAuth tokens issued to third-celebration integrators

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On April 12, GitHub Security began an investigation that uncovered evidence that an attacker abused stolen OAuth user tokens issued to 2 third-celebration OAuth integrators, Heroku and Travis-CI, to download info from dozens of organizations, collectively with npm. The applications maintained by these integrators have been extinct by GitHub users, collectively with GitHub itself. We construct not imagine the attacker obtained these tokens thru a compromise of GitHub or its programs, since the tokens in review must not saved by GitHub of their genuine, usable codecs. Following immediate investigation, we disclosed our findings to Heroku and Travis-CI on April 13 and 14; extra detail is accessible underneath and we are able to update this blog as we learn extra.

Taking a examine some stage in your total GitHub platform, we’ve excessive self perception that compromised OAuth user tokens from Heroku and Travis-CI-maintained OAuth applications have been stolen and abused to download non-public repositories belonging to dozens of sufferer organizations that have been the tell of these apps. Our diagnosis of alternative behavior by the risk actor suggests that the actors could per chance be mining the downloaded non-public repository contents, to which the stolen OAuth token had entry, for secrets and suggestions that could per chance well be extinct to pivot into other infrastructure.

Identified-affected OAuth applications as of April 15, 2022:

  • Heroku Dashboard (ID: 145909)
  • Heroku Dashboard (ID: 628778)
  • Heroku Dashboard – Preview (ID: 313468)
  • Heroku Dashboard – Traditional (ID: 363831)
  • Travis CI (ID: 9216)

We’re sharing this as of late as we imagine the attacks could per chance be ongoing and action is required for purchasers to offer protection to themselves.

Impact to and npm

The preliminary detection connected to this advertising and marketing and marketing campaign took place on April 12 when GitHub Security identified unauthorized entry to our npm manufacturing infrastructure the tell of a compromised AWS API key. In accordance with subsequent diagnosis, we imagine this API key became as soon as obtained by the attacker after they downloaded a situation of non-public npm repositories the tell of a stolen OAuth token from one in every of the two affected third-celebration OAuth applications described above. Upon discovering the broader theft of third-celebration OAuth tokens not saved by GitHub or npm on the evening of April 13, we straight away took action to offer protection to GitHub and npm by revoking tokens associated with GitHub and npm’s internal tell of these compromised applications.

We imagine that the two impacts to npm are unauthorized entry to, and downloading of, the personal repositories within the npm group on and doubtless entry to the npm programs as they exist in AWS S3 storage. At this point, we assess that the attacker didn’t adjust any programs or manufacture entry to any user account info or credentials. We’re still working to cherish whether the attacker viewed or downloaded non-public programs. npm uses fully separate infrastructure from; GitHub became as soon as not affected on this genuine assault. Despite the actual fact that investigation continues, we’ve chanced on no evidence that other GitHub-owned non-public repos have been cloned by the attacker the tell of stolen third-celebration OAuth tokens.

How GitHub replied to offer protection to users of

As soon as GitHub identified stolen third-celebration OAuth tokens affecting GitHub users, GitHub took immediate steps to answer and offer protection to users. GitHub contacted Heroku and Travis-CI to position an notify to that they open their have security investigations, revoke all OAuth user tokens associated with the affected applications, and open work to teach their have users.

GitHub stays carefully engaged with both organizations so as to relief their investigation and restoration efforts, and better offer protection to shared possibilities.

What GitHub possibilities and organizations must know

GitHub is within the meantime working to call and speak the total identified-affected sufferer users and organizations that we chanced on thru our diagnosis at some stage in These possibilities will receive a notification email from GitHub with extra particulars and next steps to relief of their have response at some stage within the subsequent 72 hours.

If you construct not receive a notification, you and/or your group have not been identified as affected. GitHub will proceed to teach any extra affected users or organizations as they are identified. It’s best to still, on the different hand, periodically overview what OAuth applications you’ve authorized or are authorized to entry your group and prune the rest that’s not wanted. That you too can overview your group audit logs and user account security logs for surprising or anomalous process.

If you too can have questions or concerns

If you too can have questions or need assistance concerning affected OAuth applications maintained by Heroku, please attain out to Salesforce / Heroku security and reinforce at, and video display the Salesforce Trust dwelling for extra updates.

If you too can have questions or need assistance concerning affected OAuth applications maintained by Travis CI, please attain out to

Customers who’re straight away contacted by GitHub concerning this self-discipline are welcome to contact us in accordance to directions within the notification you got.

For other questions concerning GitHub and npm you can per chance contact GitHub Improve.


The safety and trustworthiness of GitHub, npm, and the broader developer ecosystem is our very best priority. Our investigation is ongoing, and we are able to update this blog, and our communications with affected possibilities, as we learn extra.

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