Atari Breakout Applied in Redstone

Atari Breakout Applied in Redstone

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1) Be taught the FAQ previous to posting
If it is some distance obvious that you haven’t read the customarily requested questions previous to posting, your put up will more than probably be eliminated.

2) Here’s now not a subreddit for minecraft tech toughen.
This subreddit is meant for dialogue of & lend a hand with technical Minecraft, similar to mob farms and automation, now not for Minecraft tech toughen. By extension right here is also now not tech toughen for any mods/data packs/commands, including those allowed in rule 8.

3) No spamming.

4) No selling.
Sharing technical Minecraft inventions and discoveries is k

5) No server ads. For server commercial try r/mcservers and r/technicalmcservers.

6) No racist / sexist feedback.

7) Fetch the posts PG. all ages of people play Minecraft.

8) Please handiest “Vanilla” scream. No mods, datapacks, or portray blocks, apart from when stale provide precious, technical data to the player (similar to Village Marker, Redstone Debug, and Carpet Mod). This would now not mean that we provide lend a hand with any problems you may perhaps per chance also very neatly be having with these mods, peep r/feedthebeast (or r/scicraft) in the event you are having any disorders with mods you possess save in.
9) Attain now not put up let’s plays.

10) Posts ought to be connected to Technical Minecraft. Please save a save a question to to the moderators in the event you are in doubt about what technical minecraft is.

11) No posts regarding long-established duplication clitches. System defects which handiest apply to explicit items, similar to rails or gravity blocks are allowed.

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Ava Chan

Ava Chan

I'm a researcher at Utokyo :) and a big fan of Ava Max