Ask HN: Let’s build Checkstyle for Bash?


After working with Bash and Shellcheck for a few months, I noticed I could improve my code quality by making it compliant with the Shell Style Guide by Google [0]. While working on that, I thought some aspects of this Shell style guide can be verified automatically, granted some assumptions/opinions are formed. So I looked around for linting tools and autoformatters for Bash:


From Asynchronous Lint Engine (ALE):

– bashate:

– cspell:

– Bash Language Server:

– shell -n flag:

– sh(shfmt):

– shdoc:

From this stack post [1]:

– checkbashisms:

– shlint: (archived)


Within all these linters and auto-formatters I did not find checks that enforce, for example, the Function Comments of the Shell Style Guide by Google:

All function comments should describe the intended API behaviour using:

    Description of the function.
    Globals: List of global variables used and modified.
    Arguments: Arguments taken.
    Outputs: Output to STDOUT or STDERR.
    Returns: Returned values other than the default exit status of the last command run.

Hence, I thought we could make a Bash linting tool that verifies compliance with the Shell Style Guide by Google. To do so, a brief start was made here [2]. It identifies/lists elements in that style guide that may be verified automatically. Since Bash has been around longer than me, I think there may be some people better suited for the development of this enhanced linter. Hence, I thought it might be wise, for impact and usability, to share this idea here.

What do you say, HN?






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