LifestyleAs much as this point MinIO NVMe Benchmarks: 2.6Tpbs...

As much as this point MinIO NVMe Benchmarks: 2.6Tpbs on Obtain and 1.6 on Put


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MinIO is a stable believer in transparency and files pushed discussions. It is miles why we post our benchmarks and bellow the remainder of the commerce to assign in present neatly.

It also is why we develop instruments that allow a orderly, clear size of efficiency and can unbiased also be without problems replicated. We desire other folks to check for themselves.

Extra, we assign our benchmarks on commodity hardware without tuning. Right here is truly loads of from the highly tuned, essentially expert hardware approaches aged by other distributors which, predictability, have given benchmarks a execrable name.

We bellow the remainder of the commerce to apply suit.

We only in the near past updated our benchmark for most valuable storage. For our customers, most valuable storage makes use of NVMe drives resulting from their label/efficiency traits. We can substitute our HDD benchmark quickly for those customers taking a reflect to rate HDD label/efficiency.

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In this post we can hide the benchmarking atmosphere, the instruments, how to repeat this for your include and the detailed outcomes. For those taking a reflect for a transient procure, the 32 node MinIO cluster outcomes would possibly per chance per chance well also unbiased also be summarized as follows:

Occasion Style




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mc CLI ver. 

MinIO ver.


165 GiB/sec

325 GiB/sec

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On an mixture foundation this delivers PUT throughput of 1.32 Tbps and GET throughput of two.6 Tbps. We deem this to be the quickest in the commerce.

Benchmarking Setup

MinIO believes in benchmarking on the same HW it can per chance well recommend to its customers. For most valuable storage, we recommend NVMe. Now we have followed this recommendation for over a yr now as our customers have proven us that the price/efficiency traits of NVMe reveal the sweet spot for these most valuable storage workloads.

We aged common AWS bare-steel, storage optimized circumstances with native NVMe drives and 100 GbE networking for our efforts. These are the same circumstances that MinIO recommends to its manufacturing customers for use in the AWS cloud.


# Nodes

AWS Occasion Style











100 Gbps

For the instrument, we aged the default Ubuntu 20.04 install on AWS, the latest begin of MinIO and our built in Speedtest functionality.



Server OS


MinIO Model


Benchmark Tool

mc admin speedtest

Speedtest is built into the MinIO Server and is accessed thru the Console UI or mc admin speedtest say. It requires no special abilities or extra instrument. You would possibly per chance per chance well also read more about it right here.

Measuring Single Drive Efficiency

The efficiency of every and every power turned into measured utilizing the say dd. DD is a unix tool aged to  assemble bit-by-bit reproduction of files from one file to 1 other. It gives alternate choices to manipulate the block  size of every and every read and write.

Right here is a sample of a single NVMe power’s Write Efficiency with 16MB block-size, O_DIRECT  option for a total of 64 copies. Level to that we attain bigger than 1.1 GB/sec of write efficiency for each and every power.

Right here is the output of a single HDD power’s Learn Efficiency with 16MB block-size utilizing the  O_DIRECT option and a total rely of 64. Level to that we achieved bigger than 2.3 GB/sec of  read efficiency for each and every power.

Measuring JBOD Efficiency

JBOD efficiency with O_DIRECT turned into measured utilizing dperf is a filesystem benchmark tool that generates and measures filesystem efficiency for both read and write. dperf say running with 64 parallel threads, 4MB block-size and O_DIRECT by default.

Community Efficiency

The network hardware on these nodes enables a maximum of 100 Gbit/sec. 100 Gbit/sec equates  to 12.5 Gbyte/sec (1 Gbyte = 8 Gbit).

As a result of this truth, the utmost throughput that will per chance also be expected from each and every of these nodes would be  12.5 Gbyte/sec.

Working the 32-node Disbursed MinIO benchmark

MinIO ran Speedtest in autotune mode. The autotune mode incrementally increases the weight to pinpoint maximum mixture throughput.

$ mc admin speedtest minio/

The check will bustle and present outcomes on conceal conceal. The check would possibly per chance per chance well also unbiased procure wherever from just a few seconds to plenty of minutes to carry out relying for your MinIO cluster. The flag -v signifies verbose mode. The user can identify the correct Erasure Code setting. We recommend EC:4 nonetheless encompass EC:2 and EC:4 beneath.




Interpretation of Results

The moderate network bandwidth utilization all the intention in which thru the write allotment turned into 77 Gbit/sec and all the intention in which thru  the read allotment turned into 84.6 Gbit/sec. This represents client visitors as neatly as internode visitors. The piece of this bandwidth in the market to customers is about half for both reads and writes.

The network turned into virtually completely choked all the intention in which thru these tests. Bigger throughput would possibly per chance per chance well also unbiased also be expected if a real network turned into in the market for inter-node visitors.

Level to that the write benchmark is slower than read because of benchmark instruments assign not myth for write amplification (visitors from parity knowledge generated all the intention in which thru writes). In this case, the 100 Gbit  network is the bottleneck as MinIO will get near hardware efficiency for both reads and writes.


In step with the outcomes above, we came upon that MinIO takes total support of the in the market  hardware. Its efficiency is easiest constrained by the underlying hardware in the market to it. This benchmark has been examined with our in truth helpful configuration for efficiency workloads and can unbiased also be without problems replicated in an hour for not up to $350.

You would possibly per chance per chance well also win a PDF of the Benchmark right here. You would possibly per chance per chance well also win MinIO right here. Within the occasion you have any questions, ping us on or be a half of the Slack community.

Join the pack! Join 8000+ others registered users, and salvage chat, invent groups, post updates and invent company around the field!

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  1. I don’t live in this space, so maybe I have unreasonable expectations (or I’m reading the benchmark wrong), but is 10GB/sec of 64MB objects streaming out of each 96(48+HT?)-core hefty AWS server particularly impressive?

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