Are you the asshole? – AI powered answer bot

Are you the asshole? – AI powered answer bot

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These modules are quite helpful!!
Describe a situation in which you may or may not have been the one at fault. The AI will tell
you who’s in the right, and why.

Try the subreddit if you need
some inspiration.

Are you the asshole for…

Are you the asshole?
AYTA is a project created by WTTDOTM and Alex Petros and presented by Digital Void. It is a
collection of 3 unique AI text generation models trained on posts and comments from
r/AmITheAsshole and answers the questions that you’ve been asking on reddit for years: was
my response to this reasonable, or am I the asshole in this situation?

AYTA responses are auto-generated and based on different datasets. The red model has only
been trained on YTA responses and will always say you are at fault. The green model has only
been trained on NTA responses and will always absolve you. And the white model was trained
on the pre-filtered data. Have fun!

If you try to break this tool, it will break. There is a content filter on it, but no AI or
filter is perfect. Please don’t submit any content that you would not want other people
seeing. This is a tool for fun and education, not hatred and bigotry.

We are a group of independent artists and researchers using our own money to keep this site
running. Individual AYTA requests are cheap, but they add Up quickly. Please don’t swarm
this site and make us pause it for everyone to save our pockets.

The outputs generated by this tool are just that: outputs. AYTA is meant to be imperfect,
biased, and most importantly completely fabricated. Please do not share these as human
judgements, and make sure you link back to this site so people can understand what they are

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