Arch Linux turned 20 years light this day. It turned into once released on 11/March/2002

Arch Linux turned 20 years light this day. It turned into once released on 11/March/2002

Free up: 0.1 (Homer)
Devel:   0.2

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Mar 18 – pacman 1.2 released

  • I’ve save a pacman-1.2 equipment up on the ftp location. This model
    comes with the pacsync utility, this means that that you just can routinely download and install
    applications and otherwise support your diagram as a lot as this level.

Mar 13 – rsync server in dwelling

  • I’ve dwelling up an rsync server on This may perhaps let
    all americans support their /usr/abs tree as a lot as this level, and this can even support you without problems
    ponder the ftp location. I’m short of download mirrors, so please, if someone would
    purchase to volunteer, electronic mail me and I’m going to position you on the ponder internet page.

    Would possibly perhaps perhaps maintain to you obtain now not already maintain it, assemble the list /usr/abs. Then to
    update your /usr/abs tree, that that you just will be ready to acquire the following:

    # cd /usr/abs && rsync -av .

Mar 11 – Arch Linux 0.1 (Homer) released

  • I’ve in the end bought a bootable iso image on the ftp location.
    The unsuitable news is that you just obtain now not obtain a gorgeous interactive installer. But when
    you wanted thought to be one of those, you would maintain gone with RedHat, valid?   😉

    Right here’s a short list of some future plans for 0.2:

    • Doc ABS (Arch Make Arrangement) and offer a cvs-care for update diagram so folks
      can originate constructing their comprise applications.
    • Attain the contrib space and originate posting third-obtain collectively applications.
    • Attain pacman 1.2 — this will mean that that you just will be ready to update your entire diagram with
      the latest trusty model of all applications, all with one stammer.
    • Add a gorgeous interactive installer. 😉
    • Add more documentation — our docs in actuality suck valid now. Please! Would possibly perhaps perhaps maintain to that that you just may need
      questions, valid inquire! Also, whilst you occur to
      want to support out the least bit, please let me know.
      I’m a scholar so my free time comes and goes at the need of my spoiled profs.

    I’m going to are attempting and obtain the docs up for ABS (Arch Make Arrangement) which, IMHO, is one
    of the appropriate advantages of Arch. With ABS, that that you just will be ready to without problems assemble recent applications,
    and it be trivial to rebuild present applications with your comprise customizations.

    And on that sign, whilst you occur to originate to make utilize of the ABS and invent your comprise applications, I welcome
    your submissions. My “improvement group” is working on a contrib space as we keep in touch. 😉

Arch Linux is an i686-optimized linux distribution in accordance to strategies from
CRUX, a gigantic distribution developed by Per Lidén. It is lightweight and
contains the latest trusty versions of machine. Packages are in .tar.gz layout and are tracked
by a equipment supervisor that is designed to permit easy equipment upgrades. Arch is rather streamlined
in comparison with some diversified distributions. Things which are rather unused (by me, anyway) are now not
stored (data-pages, shall we embrace). A default Arch install leaves you with a solid spoiled; from there,
that that you just will be ready to add applications to assemble the custom set up you are shopping for. Arch has a equipment
invent diagram that enables you to without problems assemble your comprise applications, which makes it very easy to
rebuild a equipment with your comprise custom configuration. Arch also goals to make utilize of the more moderen choices
available to linux users, a lot like reiserfs/ext3 and devfs.

All substances are elective, pointless to claim. It is miles your diagram — invent it on the opposite hand you opt.

  • Linux Kernel 2.4.18
  • XFree86 4.2.0
  • glibc 2.2.5
  • gcc 2.95.3
  • OpenSSH 3.1p1
  • Mozilla 0.9.9
  • WindowMaker 0.80.0
  • Vim 6.1
  • Reiserfsprogs 3.x.1b
  • devfsd 1.3.22
  • … and more …

There is a mailing list in dwelling for general dialogue about
Arch Linux. Right here, that that you just will be ready to submit questions, complications, solutions, strategies, etc. To
subscribe to the list, send an electronic mail to with
subscribe as the topic.

Alternatively, that that you just will be ready to click on
to make utilize of the internet interface.

The project is aloof in its early stages of improvement. Would possibly perhaps perhaps maintain to you are one
of those dauntless souls who has save in it and likewise you are in quest of support, that that you just will be ready to typically salvage me
on #archlinux at irc.openprojects.catch. My nick is

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