LifestyleApple execs: Let's take a 30% cut of Uber...

Apple execs: Let’s take a 30% cut of Uber and Lyft’s membership programs


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  1. Apple execs might have convinced themselves that they are entitled to a huge cut of pretty much everything that goes on an iPhone/iPad/etc.

    To everyone else, this just looks like mustachio-twirling, cackling evil and unfathomable greed from a company that’s already the world’s richest and sitting on a mountainous pile of cash.

  2. I feel like these marketplaces could maybe justify 30% on the purchase of an app up front, where there are clear benefits to the exposure and platform offered by them. But ongoing revenue is really attributable to the app itself and feels to me much harder to justify.

    At this point I’d be happy if Apple just let me install apps outside their ecosystem, then they could at least defend themselves by saying if the developers aren’t happy with the terms of the App Store they can offer alternative methods.

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