Apple contributes to OBS to make stronger show grab utilizing ScreenCaptureKit

Apple contributes to OBS to make stronger show grab utilizing ScreenCaptureKit
### Description
Add a brand contemporary grab plugin called Total Receive that lets in for grab of a complete desktop, a single window, or all dwelling windows of an application. Performs equally to the contemporary macOS Sign Receive and entails the ability to conceal the cursor. Outperforms Window Receive with tremendously bigger framerates, with lower CPU/GPU utilization in both OBS and WindowServer. Unique application grab capabilities allow users to contemporary an application and all of its dwelling windows without showing the lisp material of their desktop.
### Motivation and Context
The contemporary implementation of Window Receive makes use of `CGWindowListCreateImage` to generate particular particular person frames for window grab. This process requries a gigantic quantity of CPU and GPU utilization from both OBS and WindowServer. ScreenCaptureKit lets in Total Receive to use the same video plugin sort as Sign Receive with better efficiency and lower helpful resource utilization. ScreenCaptureKit gives `IOSurfaceRef`s as an different of getting to render `CGImage`s on a timer.
Sign Receive makes use of `CGDisplayStream` which gives efficient receive admission to to the show buffer. Unfortunately, that manner that operations cherish cursor laying aside ought to now not that you just would also order. ScreenCaptureKit lets in for the cursor, functions, or dwelling windows to be excluded from a contemporary grab. Attributable to this reality, Total Receive can present a desktop grab a linked to Sign Receive with extra aspects to the contemporary Sign Receive.
Utility captures will allow use cases cherish application tutorials to consist of most efficient the applying in attach a matter to and the menu bar. This can quit unintended contemporary of the desktop, notifications, or dwelling windows from diversified functions that can also fair seem on show. Window Receive lets in users to conceal diversified functions and most efficient contemporary the vital window of an application, but any extra dwelling windows would prefer to be manually added. Moreover, the menu bar would now not be considered in a Window Receive.
Baldur’s Gate 3 Demo ![Baldur’s Gate 3- Window Capture vs General Capture Comparison]()
Shadow of the Tomb Raider ![Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Window Capture vs General Capture Comparison]()
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (25% Tempo Playback) ![Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Window Capture vs General Capture Comparison - Running at 25% speed]()
### How Has This Been Tested Tested on a 2019 16" Macbook Knowledgeable with 2.3 GHz 8-Core i9 and AMD Radeon Knowledgeable 5500M graphics and an 8GB M1 Mac Mini on macOS Monetery 12.3. Games tested consist of: Dota 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Civilization 6. Games were bustle by benchmark suites where out there, recorded games in the case of Dota 2, or constant camera actions in the case of BG3. Window Captures were when put next aspect by aspect with Total Captures where the recreation was as soon as working at 1080p, windowed, at at the least 60fps. The resulting encoded movies were when put next frame-by-frame to analyze framerate differences. Activity Video display was as soon as frail to trace CPU, GPU, and RAM utilization throughout the assessments. Demo movies encompass two photography composited in OBS. Every scene reveals a recreation captured utilizing both a Window Receive or Total Receive as successfully-known, and a cropped Total Receive of the Activity Video display at time of grab. ### Styles of Changes - Worm fix (non-breaking switch which fixes an field) - Performance enhancement (non-breaking switch which improves efficiency) - Code cleanup (non-breaking switch which makes code smaller or more readable) #### Summary of Changes - `libobs-opengl/gl-cocoa.m` - Removed a requirement that frames despatched to `gl-cocoa` be the same dimensions because the accepted frame. Right here's a requirement to make stronger resizing dwelling windows. With out this switch, window streams would freeze if the window was as soon as ever resized. Attempting out seems to be to contemporary that this switch does now not introduce any disorders. - `plugins/mac-grab/CMakeLists.txt: 15,16` - Magnificent up consistency of tabs/areas in `include_directories`. - `plugins/mac-grab/CMakeLists.txt: 28` - Inclusion of most modern grab into bring together checklist. - `plugins/mac-grab/CMakeLists.txt: 42,53` - Inclusion of most modern libraries valuable for Total Receive. `CoreVideo` and `CoreMedia` are valuable for managing the `CVSampleBuffer` structure of source frame buffers. `ScreenCaptureKit` permits the contemporary grab variety. Contain `ScreenCaptureKit` as `weak_framework` to make stronger compiling on pre-12.3 programs. - `plugins/mac-grab/mac-contemporary-grab.m: 621` - The `__MAC_10_15` elaborate can also fair now not exist on devices working < 10.15, leading to this half now not being accurately kept away from throughout compilation. Swapping to `101500` can also fair nonetheless work for all variations of macOS. - `plugins/mac-grab/mac-customary-grab.m` - Inclusion of most modern grab variety. A valuable quantity of code is corresponding to contemporary code in `mac-contemporary-grab.m`, deliberately. - `plugins/mac-grab/mac-customary-grab.m:4,6` - Availability assessment for outmoded linking. - `plugins/mac-grab/mac-customary-grab.m:8,10` - Blockading compilation on 12.3 and later. For the explanation that compilation block is right here, availability is left unchecked for every call. The warning is uncared for for this file to reduce noise of warnings. Future additions to this plugin variety will need attention paid to likely unguarded assessments in availability after 12.3. - `plugins/mac-grab/mac-customary-grab.m: 164,211` - Given the diversified availability tools offered by `ScreenCaptureKit`, suits ought to be generated from the manner OBS stores dwelling windows/displays to the structure `ScreenCaptureKit` gives. - `plugins/mac-grab/mac-customary-grab.m: 296,312` - Initial receive of out there grab targets when plugin created. Fetches are furthermore bustle at any time when the plugin properties are opened to make certain that stunning listings in the properties. ### Future Work - Localization of Total Receive now not integrated in PR. - OBS can also prefer to exclude itself from captures (or present an chance to personal so) to e book clear of the “Hall of Mirrors” convey of bringing OBS within grab bounds to edit. -“Total Receive” UI is simplistic to reproduction whats already contemporary, we’d question the project to revisit how it exposes this mode - Areas of code reuse are intentional to make certain that familiarity with future maintainers and up-to-the-minute implementations. If the project desires abstractions to reduce duplication, that ought to be mentioned. ### Checklist: - [x] My code has been bustle by clang-structure. - [x] I in actuality hold read the contributing doc. - [x] My code is now not on the grasp branch. - [x] The code has been tested. - [x] All commit messages are smartly formatted and commits squashed where appropriate. - [x] I in actuality hold integrated updates to all appropriate documentation.

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