Android in Docker with out QEMU/emulator

Android in Docker with out QEMU/emulator

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ReDroid (Remote anDroid) is a GPU accelerated AIC (Android In Container) answer. It’s possible you’ll also boot many
cases in Linux host (Docker, podman, k8s etc.). ReDroid supports every arm64 and amd64 architectures.
ReDroid is lawful for Cloud Gaming, VMI (Virtual Cell Infurstrure), Automation Test and extra.

Screenshot of ReDroid 11

Currently supported:

  • Android 12 (redroid/redroid: 12.0.0-most popular, redroid/redroid: 12.0.0-amd64, redroid/redroid: 12.0.0-arm64)
  • Android 12 64bit most productive (redroid/redroid: 12.0.0_64most productive-most popular, redroid/redroid: 12.0.0_64most productive-amd64, redroid/redroid: 12.0.0_64most productive-arm64)
  • Android 11 (redroid/redroid: 11.0.0-most popular, redroid/redroid: 11.0.0-amd64, redroid/redroid: 11.0.0-arm64)
  • Android 10 (redroid/redroid: 10.0.0-most popular, redroid/redroid: 10.0.0-amd64, redroid/redroid: 10.0.0-arm64)
  • Android 9 (redroid/redroid:9.0.0-most popular, redroid/redroid:9.0.0-amd64, redroid/redroid:9.0.0-arm64)
  • Android 8.1 (redroid/redroid:8.1.0-most popular, redroid/redroid:8.1.0-amd64, redroid/redroid:8.1.0-arm64)

Examined Platforms:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04 / 20.04 (amd64 / arm64)
  • Amazon Linux 2 (amd64 / arm64)
  • Alibaba Cloud Linux 2 (amd64)
  • Alibaba Cloud Linux 3 (amd64 / arm64)
  • WSL 2 (Ubuntu) (amd64)
  • CentOS (amd64*, arm64*)
  • OpenEuler 20.03 (amd64, arm64*)

means need personalized kernel

Getting Started

ReDroid requires some kernel modules (binderfs, ashmem etc.).
Test kernel modules to put in these modules.


required params (already added in docker image)

  • qemu=1
  • androidboot.hardware=redroid

uncover params

  • redroid.width=720
  • redroid.fps=15
  • ro.sf.lcd_density=320
  • redroid.enable_built_in_display=[0|1]
  • redroid.overlayfs=[0|1]


  • internet.eth0.dns1=

GPU accelerating
ReDroid use mesa3d to toddle 3D rendering.
Currently tested platforms:

  • AMD (arm64, amd64 with amdgpu driver)
  • Intel (amd64 with i915 driver)
  • virtio-gpu (supplier agnostic, arm64 and amd64)


  • redroid.gpu.mode=[auto|host|guest]
  • redroid.gpu.node=[/dev/dri/renderDxxx]

Virtual WiFi (Experiment in ReDroid 10, make broken, repair quickly)

  • ro.kernel.qemu.wifi=1
    Virtual WiFi is still below development, be sure mac80211_hwsim exist (modprobe mac80211_hwsim).
    checkout redroid-10-wifi in supplier/redroid and redroid-10.0.0 in machine/generic/goldfish to make
    your make. bustle docker exec ip r add default via dev wlan0

NOTE: you might well override machine props prefixed with qemu. or ro.. for instance, you might well quandary ro.stable=0, then
you might well also fetch root adb shell by default.

Native Bridge Red meat up

It’s that you just might well imagine to bustle arm Apps in x86 ReDroid instance via libhoudini, libndk_translator or QEMU translator.

Fetch libndk_translator for instance:

# grab libndk_translator libs from Android 11 Emulator
bag /machine ( -title 'libndk_translation*' -o -title '*arm*' -o -title 'ndk_translation*' ) | tar -cf native-bridge.tar -T -

# example development, watch out the file proprietor and mode

├── bin
│   ├── arm
│   └── arm64
├── etc
│   ├── binfmt_misc
│   └── init
├── lib
│   ├── arm
│   └──
└── lib64
    ├── arm64

# Dockerfile
FROM redroid/redroid: 11.0.0-amd64

ADD native-bridge.tar /

COPY manufacturing facility.prop /manufacturing facility/manufacturing facility.prop

# manufacturing facility.prop

# make docker image
docker make . -t redroid: 11.0.0-amd64-nb

GMS Red meat up

It’s that you just might well imagine to add GMS (Google Cell Service) toughen in ReDroid via Start GApps
or MicroG.

WebRTC Streaming


Idea to port WebRTC alternate choices from cuttlefish, including frontend (HTML5), backend and plenty digital HALs.

How To Form

It’s Identical as AOSP building course of. Nonetheless I indicate to utilize docker to make.

Test android-builder-docker for runt print.


  • Container disappeared at the moment

be sure the required kernel modules are establish in; bustle dmesg -T for detailed logs

  • Container working, but adb can not connect (machine offline etc.)

bustle docker exec -it sh, then test ps -A and logcat

attempt dmesg -T if can not fetch a container shell


  • Kernel 5.7+, need allow binderfs / ashmem
  • redroid require pid_max lower than 65535, or else might additionally merely bustle into issues. Substitute in host OS, or add pid_max separation toughen in PID namespace
  • SElinux is disabled in ReDroid; that you just might well imagine enabled with selinuxns POC
  • sdcardfs currently no longer carried out, use fuse as a change; might additionally need bustle modprobe fuse first in some OS (AmazonLinux2 ?)
  • CGroups errors left out; some (stune for instance) no longer supported in generic linux.
  • procfs no longer totally seperated with host OS; Community use lxcfs and a few cloud supplier (TencentOS) enhanced of their very own kernel.
  • vintf test disabled (since no kernel)

Contact Me


ReDroid itself is below

Be part of the pack! Be part of 8000+ others registered users, and fetch chat, make teams, put up updates and make friends across the enviornment!

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