An AI Christmas Carol

This text to speech (tts) reading of A Christmas Carol was done
in part to observe the advancements in artificial human speech.

Some of the premium voices in this reading of CBC Radio’s
A Christmas Carolย have been created byย Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet,
IBM Watson, and Microsoft Azure. These voices have a more
realistic and natural tone to them, as they are built using the
latest innovations in AI and machine learning. Other voices in
this reading are done with older methods of voice generation,
which used computer generated algorithms without the use of AI.
One of the original systems for generated text to speech, The
Festival Speech Synthesis System, has been used for the voice of Jacob Marley.

CBC Radio’s version of A Christmas Carol has been recorded and
is presented in audiogram format via youtube using 100%
artificial speech with a complete voice cast. The videos will
auto advance incase you plan to listen to the play in full.

You can use your right & left arrow keys to navigate
orย Click Here to Start Listening



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