LifestyleAfter recent update I see license upgrade required (2021)

After recent update I see license upgrade required (2021)


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  1. Disclaimer: happy Sublime Text 3 and 4 customer.

    I don’t really see the problem here? Like, ok, maybe you can be a bit upset that the app now asks you to upgrade, perhaps they should have used a less permanent reminder about that. But you can literally download every version of Sublime Text ever from the website, so if you don’t like the latest one with that you can just go back a version?

  2. I used to use Sublime heavily but VSCode is just as good or better for nearly everything. Performance is the only area Sublime still wins. Even then, for 99% of what I imagine most people do, the performance is just fine. The only time I use Sublime now is if I have to open a ridiculously large file.

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