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Advertise your Banner on Knowasiak

The news feed ads on knowasiak can be targeted based on profession, gender, age & country. This will give your banner a high Click Rate & Impression Count, ultimately leading to more leads for you. Banners on the sidebar usually get between 2000-3000 impressions daily, and the news feed sponsored post gets 1000-1500 impressions daily.

To give you a perspective, the profession for targeting people present in the knowasiak community can be targetted by any one of the fields shown in the photo BELOW.

Submission Guidelines & Info:

  1. Submit your Banner images to our email [email protected] in (pdf, doc, or Docx format). we’ll review your Banner and make it live on the website within 3 working days. Our per-Banner charge is ₹80 for India or $1 for others for 30 days.
  2. Ensure the Banner resolution for the sidebar is 250*250 square or 250*300 (Width*Height) & is under 150kb in size and the Banner resolution for the news feed sponsored is at least 1000 pixels wide & 500 pixels in height & is under 300kb in size.
  3. Write to us, about which age to target, which professions and which country etc. Also notice, that we don’t support NSFW Banners currently for promotions or advertisements.

Contact for further enquiries and partnerships: [email protected]

For promotions in the form of written blog articles please visit the Content Partnership page.

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