Behind the Idea.

I am Aditya Gaurav

A 16 year old teen, I have just completed my 10th standard, I am the Founder of this Non-Profit website, Knowasiak.

Knowasiak is made to provide knowledge, facts, important files, important documents, research statistics of all space companies and Modded and Hacked Games And Professional Applications. Knowasiak is a forever to go institution which has endless things to provide, as I think and I want people to share their own knowledge here to get it read by people from all over the world!

Share this website as much as possible, contribute to this, become well known around the world, author here easily, this is all for sharing knowledge and experience(s) with everyone which is beneficial for you and this community.

Contact me and become a writer at, Official Knowasiak website and provide your knowledge to the whole internet accessing societies.

What I Love To Do? – Weapon Designing, Making Electronics, Sketching, Music Composing, Hacking Games, 3d Modelling, Blogging, Web Development, Application Development, Writing Poetry and Stories.

I have created more than 8 websites, Four of them are listed below. I have started to learn web development in 6th standard and Android Development in 8th.

My Websites, All For Knowledgeable Content!

My YouTube Channels

I have painted the India’s First Tricolour Train with my School Friends and Teachers! It was launched on 150th Anniversary of Mr. Mahatma Gandhi ji, We have been Ordered by Maharshtra State Government to Paint it by Our Hands! See It Here

I have Won several Awards in District and City Levels in Pencil Sketching, During the Flood of 2018 in Kerala, india I have gifted a Pencil sketch to Kerala’s Chief Minister, Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan Sir.

I have attended many science Exhibitions and I have also participated in some of them and won in a few of them, but I am still learning. I have Many times made manual robots for school level science fair’s. I have started to learn Bout electronics from 4th grade.