AC Current Is Non Directional Then How Do Ceiling Fans Know, Which Direction to Spin? – Aditya Gaurav

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Hii, I am Aditya Gaurav, here again and today the topic which we are going to talk about is Easy to think but Hard to understand and it happens in all of our Homes, it’s just universal you will find a ceiling fan in everybody’s 🏠 house, almost each one of us has one. 😄So Read On and Find The Reason Why Do Ceiling Fans Only Spins in One Direction?

ShortAnswer: The Motor type used in Ceiling Fans is Single phase induction motor, single phase motor works on the split phase principle and split phase are created by main winding and auxiliary winding with a capacitor in series. When AC change its direction then the flux from these two phases also changes and causes no change in the direction of torque.

Explanatory: Let me get into the details on single phase induction motor, that how it works, its actually very long, and the best explanation while roaming around i found is linked down at the end of the article. The fact is that Induction Motors are themselves helpless to start on their own, so here comes the Start-Up Capacitor into Play! I have also linked a video to get you understand the basics😊

Best Explanation With Details: Source1↗️

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