Abrahams on the Style of Swift

Abrahams on the Style of Swift

Dave Abrahams, gentle lead of the Swift frequent library and SwiftUI contributor:

My Rebase 2021 talk, “a retrospective on the carry out of Swift,” is up at [YouTube]

Right here is a extremely interesting talk containing some very weird and wonderful example Purpose-C code. He states loads of times that he doesn’t exhaust classes, most interesting imprint kinds. This is also a loyal diagram, however for app constructing it appears to be entirely unrealistic for a form of worthwhile and efficiency reasons. One is left questioning how properly he understood the wishes of the developers who might perhaps maybe be utilizing the Swift language and library, though he says others on the Swift team had experience writing apps. Total, I have faith the frequent library is deservedly seen as a success legend. I remain deeply skeptical of SwiftUI.

I make wholeheartedly agree with Abrahams that the carry out of the fresh Swift documentation does many programmers a disservice by omitting famous famous points about conditional conformances and where programs are defined. It appears to be to be conscious the Alan Dye college of carry out. Making issues ogle straightforward by hiding issues doesn’t in actual fact create them straightforward.


Replace (2021-12-13): Greg Parker:

“Purpose-C with out the C” was once a loyal keynote line nonetheless it’s a inappropriate description of Swift.

We designed a language that was once closer to Purpose-C with out the C. It wasn’t genuine ample to create up for the costs. Adoption of a brand fresh language needed to be “stir massive or stir home”.


The introduction of Purpose-C rubbish series and ARC had improved the raw C-ness of the API, however there was once gentle a protracted components to stir. (There was once moreover some fraudulent optimism from the extinct Java Bridge: the OS was once genuine too massive now for its tactics to scale with out bother.)

The GC work had moreover taught us that getting cooperation from unenthusiastic framework house owners was once anxious. Swift’s enchantment as a language with fundamentally fresh capabilities helped procure engineers and executives on board with the crucial shriek work.

Efficiency was once moreover seemingly to change into a bother. NSArrays and naïve ARC weren’t going to be genuine ample. Swift paid the engineer-hours to procure fresh series and refcounting implementations and fresh compiler reinforce to optimize and bridge them.

Helge Heß notes that NeXT had already completed a frequent “Purpose-C with out the C” known as WebScript (PDF).

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