A userspace WireGuard consumer that exposes itself as a proxy

A userspace WireGuard consumer that exposes itself as a proxy

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Wireguard consumer that exposes itself as a socks5 proxy or tunnels

wireproxy is an fully userspace application that connects to a wireguard explore,
and exposes a socks5 proxy or tunnels on the machine. This is in a position to also be precious whereas you can be pleased
to connect with obvious sites by technique of a wireguard explore, however invent no longer must setup a brand contemporary network
interface for whatever causes.

  • You merely want wireguard as a attain to proxy some web philosophize visitors
  • You invent no longer want root permission correct to alternate wireguard settings

Currently I am running wireproxy linked to a wireguard server out of the country,
and configured my browser to command wireproxy for obvious sites. It is somewhat precious since
wireproxy is entirely isolated from my network interfaces, moreover I invent no longer want root to configure
anything else.

./wireproxy [config file path]

# SelfSecretKey is the principal key of your wireguard explore
# SelfEndpoint is the IP of your wireguard explore
# PeerPublicKey is the public key of the wireguard server you wish connec to
# PeerEndpoint is the endpoint of the wireguard server you wish connec to
PeerEndpoint= 53
# DNS is the nameservers that can be aged by wireproxy.
# Multple nameservers may perchance also be specified as such: DNS=,
# KeepAlive is the persistent preserve alive interval of the wireguard instrument
# customarily no longer wished
# KeepAlive=25
# PreSharedKey is the pre shared key of your wireguard instrument
# whereas you invent no longer know what here's you invent no longer want it
# PreSharedKey=UItQuvLsyh50ucXHfjF0bbR4IIpVBd74lwKc8uIPXXs=

# TCPClientTunnel is a tunnel listening for your machine, and
# ahead any TCP web philosophize visitors got to the desired target by technique of wireguard
# some functions for your LAN -> 25565 --wir

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