HackedA man who lives in a Boeing 727 in...

A man who lives in a Boeing 727 in Oregon (2020)


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The man who lives in a Boeing 727 in Oregon

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Great Big Story / Youtube

14 March 2020



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  1. I've visited Bruce and his home as well, and it's almost startling how welcoming he is. When I went, it was the middle of a nice afternoon, and so he already happened to be outside conversing with some other guests, but if you poke around on his website, you'll find that he essentially says "if you come for a visit and I'm not around, climb up on the wing and come bang on my airplane until you wake me up."

    Was only there for a few minutes, but we got in a short and pleasant conversation about housing scarcity and the future of AI. Really interesting character, clearly living his best life.

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