A Letter to Microsoft for No longer Attributing Authors of the Edge Flatpak App


Microsoft nowadays posted a chunk of writing about cloud gaming on the Steam Deck. The authors promoted the Edge Flatpak application in a scheme that also can lead other folks to deem that Microsoft itself is the maintainer of the Flatpak application when that isn’t the case. I am the maintainer and author of the Edge Flatpak application, re:fi.64 is the author of the Chromium spoiled app and the one who obtained Chromium working internal a Flatpak container with Zypak. And tons other contributors were the ones who persisted bettering the Flatpak application.

I enjoy reached out to Microsoft within the previous asking if they would be attracted to formally declaring the Flatpak application, to which I obtained no legit acknowledge. I would fortunately work for Microsoft on the originate-offer crew they’ve created as the legit maintainer of the Edge Flatpak application since I already enjoy abilities declaring it, and this may per chance additionally prevent Microsoft from having to practice any individual else to attain what I am already doing. I enjoy fortunately saved the Edge Flatpak application alive and up thus far voluntarily for added than a yr, without a toughen from Microsoft. It doesn’t feel beautiful to enjoy our efforts no longer current.

Needless to assert, this in all likelihood an oversight so I enjoy no longer concluded that this changed into once intentional, but. Microsoft is a spacious company, so the Xbox Cloud Gaming crew changed into once more than likely unaware of Edge Flatpak’s space. However, looking reduction in time, Microsoft has a history of the utilization of folk’s work without effectively crediting the long-established authors’ work. A principal example is the AppGet and WinGet incident.[1][2]

If this changed into once indeed an oversight, then, personally, it’d be reckless of them to no longer talk to inner groups to scrutinize who maintained the Edge Flatpak application. If there changed into once a malicious actor declaring it, pointing to the kit without taking possession or having some non-public of contract also can very nicely be slightly dangerous for the folk who express it, and for Microsoft’s popularity.

I would choose to gracious inquire Microsoft to effectively attribute us maintainers and contributors for tirelessly declaring the Flatpak application and providing the final note toughen and user abilities voluntarily.

I would also choose to inquire Microsoft to formally assist the Edge Flatpak application, both by co-declaring, or independently declaring by itself. This may per chance increasingly even win extra companies and maintainers fervent and fervent to the adoption of Flatpak and its applied sciences like portals. Microsoft also can additionally donate to Flatpak for making it conceivable to portion Edge so without complications across Linux.

I would choose to thank my friends Deathwish, Lionir, re:fi.64, and Tyler for proofreading and helping to present a boost to this letter.

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

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