A free, multiplatform SDK for real time facial motion capture

A free, multiplatform SDK for real time facial motion capture
  • What is mocap4face?

    It’s a free, multiplatform SDK for real time facial motion capture—from any mobile camera or
    webcam—enabling live animation of 3D avatars, digital characters, and much

  • Why?

    We think avatars are the future of how we connect on the Internet, without the privacy concerns of
    showing your face yet empowered to express your ideal self. But, some essential building blocks of web3
    like facial motion capture are still inaccessible to many next-generation social apps
    and games developers. We’re changing that.

  • How much does mocap4face cost?

    It’s free, here are details.

  • How do I integrate mocap4face into my project?

    See our mocap4face Github repo for detailed
    instructions on how to integrate the SDK on every supported platform.

  • Will mocap4face slow my app down?

    We have optimized all features to have the smallest possible impact on your GPU/CPU but you might feel
    some loss of performance, especially on lower-end Android or older devices as we need to process full
    camera images and run machine learning algorithms on them.

  • Do you use iOS ARKit and Android ARCore?

    No, we use our own technology.

  • Does mocap4face collect any personal data?

    No, mocap4face does not collect, store, access, or transmit any user personal data.

  • What user data is transmitted to mocap4face servers?

    API key, mocap4face SDK version, operating system, and phone model.

  • Where can I find more info?

    Check our blog post and extended FAQ here.

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