$2,295 5-port Ethernet Swap for Audiophiles

$2,295 5-port Ethernet Swap for Audiophiles

As talked about in some of my unusual opinions, I of direction have of direction settled in on the conventional building blocks in my unusual system. Click on on my title above in crimson for a complete listing and description. Even all throughout the lockdown, I never thought twice about making any foremost modifications. This despite a great deal of time studying about and reviewing assorted ingredients that can even honest have peaked my hobby and opened my pocketbook (the ever lurking nemesis of all audiophiles). VAC, Mosey Labs, VPI, DCS, Aurender, REL and Sonus Faber have all served me effectively and continue to manufacture so. What I of direction have centered on as of late are the further “nuances.” It turns out that these nuances are extraordinarily necessary if no longer serious.

I am a solid admirer of Synergistic Study and their large portfolio of merchandise. In phrases of cable and energy cords, they continue to be one of our key alternate leaders at all trace choices. Devour Mosey Labs, I constantly appear to come aid aid to Synergistic Study after experimenting with assorted alternate choices. Once more, my focal level is now taking that subsequent step past the worn upgrades and substitutions. Synergistic Study has wowed me with loads of original merchandise that have been never high on my priority listing, but in retrospect, they must have been correct kind there come the tip all alongside.

Energy and ground conditioning are two areas that many audiophiles are slowly but surely investing in with incredible results. This entails me. Please tag my opinions of the Synergistic Study PowerCell SX Energy Conditioner and Galileo SX Ground Block HERE and HERE. New to the social gathering is the Synergistic Study Ethernet Swap UEF. In a nutshell, this blueprint can essentially condition or dapper up the Ethernet connection out of your keep router to your listening room for streaming every tune and video. This necessary trilogy of energy, ground and Web connectivity are clearly variables that will perchance perchance now be managed considerably better and with very impressive results.

Caveat Emptor

Diagram synergy and non-public kind are serious when evaluating high-end audio merchandise. This evaluate is in step with my subjective necessities, my subjective ears, my enlighten system configuration, and my enlighten listening room. This combination is barely one records level of many who exist available in the market for these ingredients. Please preserve in mind my feedback and diagnosis accurately.


Ethernet switches are no longer original. Many can present additional functionality past traditional Ethernet connectivity and enter/output switching. Devour me, many audiophiles doubtlessly bustle an Ethernet cable at a sizable distance, or at a least a foremost distance, from their residence router to their tune server or assorted same ingredients for streaming. This hardwire connection can aid tame the buffering problems that wi-fi connections can generally generate. In my residence, the router is positioned two floors a long way from my listening room at almost 40 toes. It makes sense that this lengthy bustle of cable is going to derive up varied ingredients of RF and various electrical noise that will perchance perchance affect a digital signal.

Enter the Synergistic Study Ethernet Swap UEF, which is terribly well-known as a lot as the difficulty. With outstanding results, Synergistic Study has taken the technology and abilities that has been utilized in their Powercell and Ground Block merchandise and have now applied them all throughout the make of the Ethernet Swap UEF. This essentially entails the UEF and EM Cell technology alongside with trot choices in their Tranquility Heinous make. The crowning stroke is a of direction horny chassis milled from a solid billet of aluminum combined with carbon fiber to derive rid of vibration and for resonance preserve watch over. Lastly, the Ethernet Swap UEF can even be linked straight to the Ground Block for added ground management. Please tag the Synergistic Study web page for more detailed records on these make ingredients and the technologies utilized.


My listening habits demolish down roughly in the following manner: 60% vinyl, 30% digital by job of native recordsdata, and 10% digital by job of streaming. I employ every Tidal and Qobuz for streaming. Every of those products and companies have their very non-public positives and negatives, but I a great deal indulge in what they every can provide. After I wish to eavesdrop on digital for lengthy bustle serious listening sessions, and for the most high quality sound quality, I depend largely on the native recordsdata kept on my Aurender N-10 Music Server. Type no longer derive me erroneous, I veritably circulation tune for prolonged sessions, but I essentially employ streaming for investigating original tune that’s no longer presently in my analog or digital collections. The sound quality when streaming is serene very righteous, but to my ears and by job of my system, there is appropriate one thing lacking in phrases of generous harmonic building and tone when put next to vinyl and native recordsdata.

The Ethernet Swap UEF has dramatically modified my listening behavior. With it in keep, I will now abilities streamed tune with one thing very shut if no longer the equal of my very easiest native recordsdata. In some cases, I even prefer it over vinyl. There would possibly be now a more fundamentally correct kind amount of coherent attack, preserve and decay in the playback. There would possibly be a purity and lucidity that avoids fatigue and rewards timbral purity. All of this with out the sting and grain that looked as if it would be the norm for most streamed tune up to now. Final analysis. When streaming, I am now more emotionally linked than ever to the tune!


For this evaluate, I may work through a playlist of self sustaining tracks that I chanced on very telling about the final sound quality of my system when I added the Ethernet Swap UEF. No doubt, Qobuz and Tidal made this very straightforward. Every permit you to produce your non-public playlists. Every can present many more CD quality and high resolution titles than what I non-public and store in the neighborhood on my tune server.

One non-public procedure of all of this used to be to receive a mode to the truth is dig into and at closing perceive the prospective of streaming high resolution recordsdata. This entails PCM formats the utilization of 24-bit/48kHz, 24-bit/96kHz, 24-bit/192kHz, and additionally DSD formats the utilization of DSD128 and DSD256. For me, derive admission to to these sizable libraries of high resolution titles can even be among the particular values when pondering these streaming products and companies.

At the same time as you happen to manufacture circulation tune and if the following tracks are original for you, I extremely counsel that you just check them out. It could perchance generous stimulate one thing original for your sequence or your non-public playlists. One in every of my righteous joys is sharing my tune with family and chums and by job of versa. Ship me your suggestions!

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Elevate the Roof, “The Ticket of Devour” (Tidal MQA 24-bit/48kHz)

A out of the ordinary sounding original initiate overall, but on this enlighten tune, there is a complete bunch going on and it would possibly perhaps even be advanced to kind it all out. By draw of digital, Allison has a dinky amount of sibilance in her tell all throughout the tune and the a great deal of guitars can generally have you ever wincing after they salvage some steam. With the Ethernet Swap UEF in keep, Allison’s tell is creamy gentle and with none lack of interior detail. Guitars and percussion are now a long way more naturally introduced and complete-bodied. The effects are straightforward to title and it would possibly perhaps even be advanced to differentiate this digital playback from my very righteous vinyl pressing!

Buena Vista Social Membership, Misplaced and Discovered, “Murky Chicken 37” (Qobuz FLAC 24-bit/48kHz)

This tune will sound incredible on any system, so I used to be amazed that the Ethernet Swap UEF could perchance step it as a lot as one other degree. The depth and breadth of the soundstage is outstanding with out reference to offer. When the bongos kick in, you’ll be in a position to impressed by the very righteous dynamics and prolonged spatial cues. When participating the Ethernet Swap UEF, your room boundaries will evaporate in all directions. The band is now in the venue with you. The bongos are unleashed with additional coloration and tone and with a bottom end wallop that can even honest generous startle you. Goose bump city!

Radiohead, Kid A, “The entirety In Its Space” (Qobuz FLAC 16-bit/44kHz)

Kid A is an absolute masterpiece IMHO. The ambient/digital foundation of all these songs is moderately addictive. For this tune, the Ethernet Swap UEF offers additional texture and weight to the mids and lower frequencies. Thom Yorke’s vocals are clearly introduced through some kind of synthesizer attain, but now it is clearly delineated with out smear and grain. I of direction prefer the streamed results over every my native file reproduction and loads of variations on vinyl.

Bullitt (Long-established Soundtrack), “Ice Buy Mike” (Tidal MQA 16-bit/44kHz)

If no longer acquainted with this initiate, Bullitt is extremely suggested for any collector of Soundtracks who enjoys the unheard of (and for all Audiophiles too). The tune “Ice Buy Mike” can even be somewhat fascinating for your listening system. By draw of the Ethernet Swap UEF, now we have a miles more outlined and explosive brass part. You derive the correct metal blast and blatt with out stress. The piano is now splendidly fleshed out with a great deal of timbral purity and generous weight. Excessive hat cymbals have never sounded better. Piquant stuff!

Concha Buika, Niña de Fuego, “Volver, Volver” (Qobuz FLAC 16-bit/44kHz)

One more outstanding feminine vocal recording with generous a dinky amount of hardness in Concha’s tell—critically all through her emotional peaks. Acoustic guitar is thrilling, but don’t crank it up too loud or you doubtlessly can generous leap out of your listening seat at trot crescendos. Add the Ethernet Swap UEF, and no longer only does the entirety frigid down, but you additionally derive the next sense of air and ambiance round Concha’s tell and the complete devices. Very righteous dynamics serene remain. She now stands sooner than you with an very righteous amount of pure presence and three dimensional sound!

Wayne Shorter, Issue No Sinful, Witch Hunt (Qobuz FLAC 24-bit/192kHz)

I’ve received this title on Music Matters and Blue Mark Classic vinyl. One in every of my favorites, so I perceive it effectively. With the Ethernet Swap UEF main the manner, now we have one thing very special here. I used to be amazed at the amount of dynamic headroom and sensible immediacy, all with out the humble digital glare that appears to be like to be the norm when streaming. Even piano, which when recorded by Rudy van Gelder can sound so feint and heartless, has generous the finest kind amount of sonic texture and affect. Trumpet and tenor are effectively burnished and complete of attack. Here is digital carried out correct kind.

Supreme Suggestions

The Synergistic Study Ethernet Swap UEF used to be a genuine behold and ear opener. I admire my vinyl, but when I had a prefer to downsize or simplify my system and depend essentially on a streamed digital offer, there is never such a thing as a quiz that I could perchance be very pleased when the utilization of the Ethernet Swap UEF. Despite the incontrovertible truth that I had a elephantine rack of world class analog and digital ingredients, and wanted the final in streaming sound quality as one risk, this product would have to be a solid consideration if no longer mandatory.

As talked about earlier, it is somewhat tremendous that so many high resolution titles can now be accessed through varied streaming products and companies. I believe strongly that top resolution is a key to one day drawing come completely the sound—the prospective serene wants to be further tapped. With the Ethernet Swap UEF and these products and companies, I will now take elephantine righteous thing about this different and reach even further into this capacity. Sure, I will clearly eavesdrop on streamed high resolution recordsdata with out the Ethernet Swap UEF, but I receive myself a long way more motivated to manufacture so in step with the event in sound quality with it in keep. The incompatibility is straightforward to hear and straight forward to fancy.

There are merchandise that can even be regarded as generous the icing on the cake. Here is never any longer that. The Ethernet Swap UEF offers a dramatic step forward for streaming and digital performance. It is miles a truly worthy part and with out quiz a genuine sport changer. Congrats to Synergistic Study for one other outstanding make and for the very righteous product execution. Ted Denney, Andy Wiederspahn, and the complete crew at Synergistic Study have rolled out one other winner. Very extremely suggested! 

SR Ethernet Swap UEF

Retail: $2295 110V

Retail: $2595 230V

Involves 5ft Basis 12awg AC cable and SR Orange Fuse

  • Dimensions – 2.6″h x 10″w x 6″d
  • Weight – 6.2 lbs.

Synergistic Study Inc.

1736 E. Borchard Ave.

Santa Ana, CA 92705



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